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Hi guys! We have a Stihl USG sharpener with the standard wheels, and we are not happy with the way it sharpens, so I'm guessing we're doing something wrong. The biggest issue is that it leaves burrs on the teeth. We've tried going really slow and just barely touching, but no matter what we do it leaves burrs on the side that is sharpened "away". This would be on easy fix if you could reverse the direction, but unfortunately you can't. 

I've thought about getting a finer wheel but they are hard to find. Do you guys have any advice? Thanks!

It is irritating but in my experience there is little that can be done about it except touching with a file. Reversing the wheel direction shoots sparks and metal at the operators face which is  even less desireable. A finer grain wheel will grind more slowly and build heat which takes the temper out of the cutter.

Hmm, good points about the finer wheel. The only thing that makes me think a finer wheel might work is we are cutting very clean wood and the chains would be touched up daily, just a little. Our goal is to have razor-sharp teeth. But you would definitely have to watch out for the heat build up.

By reversing I mean being able to tilt the wheel in the opposite direction so you would flip the chain around, then you are always grinding "into" the tooth. This could be achieved with the motor being mounted back and a right-angle gear. (If there are any manufacturers in here ;) )

On most sharpeners that Iíve seen you can readjust the the base/table angles so that you can essentially grind into the tooth. But ďIíveĒ never seen a Stihl USG so I canít speak for those units. Is something like that possible with the unit in question?

If you are maintaining your own chains a file will do a better job with a few strokes. A grinder is for 'rocked' chains or a shop dealing with the consumer.


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