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Dinasaw Setter troubleshooting

Started by WattaWanderer, May 07, 2023, 11:26:43 PM

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Hi All, 

First time poster, long time appreciator of the wisdom shared in this wonderful forum. 

I have recently purchased a new Dinasaw "Dino" Bandsaw Setter and have been having a little trouble getting it to function properly. The company has new owners after the original inventor/owner passed away a year or two ago. 

One thing that seems to be a little strange is that on my unit the clamping force is very minimal, insufficient to resist the blade being pushed along by hand (or by the feed pawl) when the clamp's wedge block is at its lowest position. The blade seems to twist a little in the clamp during the setting. In turn the grub screws that control the amount of set seem to need to be extended quite far, to manage to set despite this twist.

The two grub screws are also not quite aligned on the same axis meaning that one direction is set closer to the face of the tooth, and the other direction further back. I am too new to the world of setting to know if this will introduce any issues, but it does not seem ideal...

My first unit also had to be replaced by the manufacturer as there was a faulty weld holding one of the rollers that is driven by a cam and in turn forces the setting yoke to rotate and actually set the teeth. If there are any users of the machine who would be willing to send some pics of the inside of the machine with the base plate removed it would be very useful, as I am a little concerned that the new manufacturer may be a little less careful than the original. I would like to compare the internal layout of my unit with an original older model.

Many thanks for any input!


 Well first off, welcome and glad to see you posting👍

I'm not at all familiar with that machine so I'm of no help there, hopefully someone will be along shortly that is knowledgeable with them.
Too many irons in the fire


I have had the setter and sharpener for a few years now.  Have been having various issues and the original owner was always helpful though I wondered why the documentation was not better to have avoided making contact in the first place.  Still having issues and are considering upgrading.  Did you resolve the issues with your Dinasaw setter?

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