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Started by Ron Wenrich, January 25, 2006, 08:16:49 PM

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Norwood lm29 new to me and waiting for Norwood to approve my account so I can order what I need to get it sawing


Currently rebuilding an M14 from the ground up to setup for the boys and I to learn on. Parts are impossible to find, thankfully I own a lathe and have a fab shop....

Grass Farmer

I purchased a Turner Mills 36" Hydraulic about 2 years ago.  Just starting to really get into milling for myself.  I started off by doing some jobs at a friends farm, but finally the mill has made it home.  


Purnell Jows

Operating a Frick size 0 Serial Number 11426, Powered by a John Deere W111 power unit.  This mill has been in my family for just over 50 years and still putting out quality lumber.
Also, have a Geiser in the my shop in the process of restoration,  Don't have any information on this mill other than it is a Geiser.


homemade bandsaw mill, homemade log arch


I Bought a Coutts sawmill this spring. It’s going to be a big rebuild project. Lots of work to be done.

Have the other mill nearly completely built now. The roof is in and tinned, the Detroit is fitted and nearly ready to run. I’ve been running it since June off a PTO.

The Coutts features a sawdust conveyor, top saw, heavy (for a softwood mill) carriage with cant kick off, chain turner, 6” Coutts gangsaw, A hydraulic infeed and an outfeed conveyor. It’s built as a portable, everything fold up to legal widths and lengths.

The other mill is custom built, has a 50ft outfeed conveyor with two Arkansas sorters, a bar turner, and a hydraulic Coutts carriage. I’m running a 4-71 for power on it.


I have to ask..what's a arkansas sorter ???... pic's?


Hudson Oscar 328  24 ft. track

H. Wrench  the original goodwrench

20 years as computer technician, 20 years as building code enforcement officer, Vietnam vet aug 1968-aug 1969, thankful everyday.

Steam Bill

1920's  Enterprise circle sawmill


60" circular saw: Hyd. carriage and feed. Best Hyd. log turner I've ever seen. Hyd. out feed rollers. Sawdust blower. 671 GM diesel. Large capacity live deck (Hyd.) 3 blade edger. 24' max cut. It's mobile, folds up nicely. Hyd. steering on duel rear axles which helps as it's approx 50' long. Tank/water set up for cooling water to center of saw blade at mandril. Many  (old) trucks and various (old) CAT D6s and D8s. Pictures when I finish setting it back up.


Maho Supermill with hydraulic log dogs. 
IF you don't have it in your head, you better have it in your feet!


Frontier OS27
Husky 395xp with 48" chainsaw mill


Woodmizer Lt15 for some fine cutting. I also have a old friction feed carriage circular sawmill in restoration mode that I have yet been able to identify the brand. 
Sawmillin, chainsawin,firewoodin, pickin splinters. Nothing beats a buildin with your own product


Hudson Oscar 18 and I just purchased a Hudson HFE36 that I put on my own self built trailer that has Hydraulic dogs, backstops, loader and log turners.
Change is hard....
Especially when a jar full of it falls off the top shelf and hits your head!


loaning a friends HF mill.  Fixed and lubed all the screws, putting in double ball valves for lubrication drip, idler for wider cutting.  OH maybe he should have bought something a tad more expensive.  Yeah.
Well at the original $1500 it really was a bargain overall.
I got a bunch of used angle iron and am making more track too.
Have a home garage TF project to make.  Just dropped 6 24" x 24' oak logs from trees on the property.
Going to be a fun year doing something new and different! 


Trakmet TTP 600 mobile with a wide head and a Stihl 880 60" Alaskan set up. 


Ye olde Woodland Mills HM130Max.
Woodland Mills HM130 Max w/ Lap siding upgrade
Kubota BX25
Wicked Grapple, Wicked Toothbar
Homemade Log Arch
Big Tex 17' trailer with Log Arch
Warn Winches 8000lb and 4000lb
Husqvarna 562xp
2,000,000th Forestry Forum Post


Wood-Mizer LX55 w/14hp and 1 bed extension.  I was pleasantly surprised to find at up to 2" thick it will cut a full 24" wide vs. the advertised 22" wide.  The guides are touching or nearly on both sides at this width so it better be pretty straight or it's quickly a PITA to deal with.


Frontier OS23, support equipment two arm on a cant hook, husqvarna 450, double bit axe.


KJB, welcome to the forum.
I like to ask, what's all the lumber going to be used for?
Model 6020-20hp Manual Thomas bandsaw,TC40A 4wd 40 hp New Holland tractor, 450 Norse Winch, Heatmor 400 OWB,YCC 1978-79

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