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Ticks ticks ticks

Started by HemlockKing, April 27, 2021, 06:18:06 PM

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 We just went for a walk out in the woods looking for morels. I found around 15 deer ticks, both nymph and adult, and 4 or 5 wood ticks.
Too many irons in the fire


Its definitely tough out there especially if you have
pets to walk . The dog has five points of ground contact including the nose
wheras we only have two so they can pick up 2-3 times as many ticks..
The vet said its no longer a seasonal issue like it once was and I've found that
they may be active in below freezing temps too.
So unless there is snow cover they are probably around , We've seen more than a hundred
already this year, both deer and wood varieties, lots of the deer ticks earlier. .
Had one climbing up my pemethrin treated pant leg a few days ago.
Unfortunately there is no one size fits all solution. Putting chemicals in or on your dog
to what avail is what's available.
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The little vampires might be finally letting up a little .
They don't like hot and dry so this heat wave is knocking them back a little.
Nynphs mostly now. Tiny specks the size of a sharp pencil tip.
Wouldn't believe its anything till you pick it off and see it moving. 
Skidding firewood with a kubota L3300.


I think I had one crawling across my forehead a couple nights ago when I was in bed. I grabbed it and headed for the toilet and gave it the flush treatment. 
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for the people who have Lyme disease here, did you have reoccurrence of Lyme after it was "cured" ?

Seems the medical community "officially" considers Lyme cured after a few weeks of doxy

Doesn't seem to be the case for illness not caught really early.
Evident with the new symptoms I'm feeling again(past week) after 3 months post treatment, felt zero pain, best I felt in years

Hearing lots of stories of "going out of remission" due to something weakening the immune system, the bacteria can grow again

One could argue I'm just feeling the after effect permanent damage of Lyme, well, I doubt it,in the last 3 months I've played a lot of catch-up on work and much physical exercise, no problems, last 1-2 weeks haven't done much as it's extremely hot, all the sudden waking up with pains again.

Have a little doxy left over, on day 2 and I do believe symptoms are getting better but will know after I wake up tomorrow as it's always worst in the morning


Haven't had Lyme disease but a DR I know did say getting treated early 
was important to fast recovery. 
How long do you suspect you had it before getting treated WPJ ?
Skidding firewood with a kubota L3300.


I suspect I had it about 5 years, after the antibiotics all the lower back pain, hip pain and random other pains stopped.

The hip pain is lessening as of this morning I do believe I'm having a "flare up" and it's right after a stressful event, perhaps weakened my immune system.

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