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Author Topic: Not dead, just busy, very busy engineering and reengineering and rereengineering  (Read 3373 times)

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Offline shortlogger

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looks good, I wish I was that ingenuitive .
1 Corinthians 3:7 So then neither he who plants is anything, nor he who waters, but God who gives the increase . "NKJV"

Offline bandmiller2

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Very impressive build Arnie, what your having are minor toothing pains and will pass. If you can build what you did you can figure it out I'am sure. I would drill the top of your backstops and mount a sealed ball bearing in each so its just proud, to aid larger cants turning. Frank C.
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Offline CaseyK

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Enjoyed the pics Arnold
I also went with 2 of the rf remotes, one for total manual function and the other interfacing to the plc.
I looked a the saber tooth and the robotic controllers but I decided to go with Allen Bradley CLX and minarik  dc drives so I could have torque limiting and accel decal ramps.
One cheap addition you might consider is adding a DC shunt amp meter with display, I got mine off of ebay for 10-15 dollars and it helped me find a mechanical binding problem.
I also noticed that you said you were wanting to do a DIY set works in the future. I am also looking at doing one on my mill. At first I thought it would be simple but as I started programming and looking at all the options such as:

plain cut or quarter sawn cut
target board width and thickness
min and max board width and thickness
with or without a single or multiple cants in the center of the log

As you can see it gets complicated quickly but I think it will be really cool to initiate a log scan and the mill be able to determine 3-4 different cut solutions for the log and let you select which one you want based off of either:

board feet production
highest number of target board size
least number of saw passes
least number cut axis moves (x,y)

The possible solutions will be displayed on a 17" touch screen and once the solution is selected all of the set works steps will be downloaded into the plc and in theory the operator will only have to:

push go to start position (cut axis moves to first x/y position)
push start cut ( mill will make a single pass down the log)
push return (mill will return to the front of mill and cut axis will move to next x/y location)

My build is listed in the forumn as "Automated Twin blade sawmill build"
If you have any questions just shoot. Caseyk
Home built automated twin blade

Offline hackberry jake

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Wholly cow! If you are ever up for a visitor, let me know. It looks like we're neighbors. I'd like to see that thing!

EZ Boardwalk Jr. With 20hp Honda, 25' of track, and homemade setworks. 32x18 sawshed. 24x40 insulated shop. 30hp kubota with fel. 1978 Massey ferguson 230.

Offline arnold113

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Casey, I've got two dual voltage/current displays I'm in the process of installing now. I've got the shunts ordered, should be here soon. Also got another dual display ordered for the battery voltage/charging current.
I've got a microcomputer programed and waiting to make some automated sawdust. It's just a small Basic Stamp so the program is very limited but I've got another computer that's big enough (memory ) to have a truly automated saw. I've got a program written for it but not as extensive as you've envisioned.  I've got to make some changes in the program to get it to work on the ARM processor as soon as I can find the time.
hackberry jake, I've still got a few things to do to the mill and then I've got to order some bands but as soon I get all that done I'll be ready to make a big pile of sawdust. I've got about 150 pine logs (8' - 16') that I've got to get sawed up. Anyway, if you would like to come on down on saw day you would be very welcome. That goes for anyone else close enough to make it. I'll POST the saw day as soon as I know it. YALL COME!!! 
DIY band saw mill: four post, 25 HP gas engine, 32" x 18' portable, 24 vdc and hydraulic controls, pineywoods log turner, hyd log loader. RF remote controls for mill.  DIY set works.

Offline pineywoods

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Arnold, it's perfectly normal to mess up a blade or 2 (or 3 or 4). Don't trash them, first time you come this way, bring them. You might be surprised what I can fix. Maybe we can arrange a visit to CaseyK, he's about 30 minutes from me. Been trying to do that for some time, he works a 4 week on/4 week off day job off shore. Seems like every time he's home, I'm snowed under with some hurry-up project.
1995 Wood Mizer LT 40, Liquid cooled kawasaki,homebuilt hydraulics. Homebuilt solar dry kiln.  Woodmaster 718 planner, Kubota M4700 with homemade forks and winch, stihl  028, 029, Ms390
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Offline fishpharmer

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Arnold, very impressive sawmill build indeed.  Takes an impressive skillset to build such a complex mill.  I commend you. 8)
Built my own band mill with the help of Forestry Forum. 
Lucas 618 with 50" slabber
WoodmizerLT-40 Super Hydraulic
Deere 5065E mfwd w/553 loader

The reason a lot of people do not recognize opportunity is because it usually goes around wearing overalls looking like hard work. --Tom A. Edison


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Gday Arnold 113

Firstly i want to congratulate you on a wonderful creation that shows your ability to think and re think ......then come up with something that is original....this is clear on many parts of your mill. I dare not ask how many man hours you have put into this but must have been a labour of love. WOW.....really love all the little inventive bits.
I'm usually a lurker on this forum trying to learn but you forced me out.

All the very best with your teething issues and keep up the great work.

Offline arnold113

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Thanks everyone for all the kind comments. It really means a lot to me.
I first started, about 5 - 6 years ago, to build a saw mill (just a small, simple mill), but I never do things the simple way. The project started growing, and growing until you see the results years later. I only worked on it a little at a time the first few years but the last year I've worked on it day and night. I've had to build it mostly out of metal I got at a salvage yard because being retired the money just isn't there for things such as this. The way I've done things a lot of times was dictated by what I found at the salvage yard.
I'm always ready for visitors so just give me a call and come on by.  Thanks again.. Arnold.
DIY band saw mill: four post, 25 HP gas engine, 32" x 18' portable, 24 vdc and hydraulic controls, pineywoods log turner, hyd log loader. RF remote controls for mill.  DIY set works.

Offline Magicman

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    • Knothole Sawmill
Thanks for you comment RADDA.DADDA, (John).  I suspect that you have much information and knowledge that you could share.   ;D
Knothole Sawmill, LLC     '98 Wood-Mizer LT40SuperHydraulic   WM Million BF Club Member   WM Pro Sawyer Network

Never allow your "need" to make money to exceed your "desire" to provide quality service.....The Magicman

Offline vfauto

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Thank you for the info, great job!

CaseyK, Yes the motors are 24 volt wheelchair motors but I removed the brakes. I needed to mount encoders on the motors for feedback to the controller. The controller accepts commands from a PC or microcomputer and then tells the motor drive what position to go to and at what speed. It also keeps track of where the motor is by way of the encoder feedback. The controller is called a Kangaroo and the PWM motor drive is called a Sabertooth. The drive and controller takes care of two motors. They were engineered for robots (as in robot wars). They are sold by Dimension Engineering.
I assembled a remote control using the two 12 channel remote transmitters so I now have a 24 channel RF remote. When I finish up the microcomputer program and get the motor controller tuned I will be able to run the bandsaw from the remote.
I uploaded a few more pictures today so I'll post them.

 (Image hidden from quote, click to view.)

This is my diesel drip band lube. It is applied via a felt wick.


 (Image hidden from quote, click to view.)

I also have a water lube/coolant system using the same felt wick.

 (Image hidden from quote, click to view.)

You can see the two tubes coming down from above. I just hook up which one I want to use. The felt wick wets both sides of the band.

 (Image hidden from quote, click to view.)

This is a shot from under the band carriage. You can see the linear positioner for the engine v belts tensioner.

(Image hidden from quote, click to view.)

I was concerned that my carriage might tip over so I made some brackets that hook under the rails.

vfauto, The next three pictures and a drawing will show how my log stops work.

 (Image hidden from quote, click to view.)
 (Image hidden from quote, click to view.)
(Image hidden from quote, click to view.)
The definition of insanity is to do the same things over and over and expect a different result!

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