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Do you have trees to grow? Logs to saw? A forest to manage? Chainsaws to fix? A sawmill to purchase or maintain? Timber related business to run? Lumber to dry? Trees or plants to identify? A cabin to build? Are you hungry and like FOOD?

Or would you just like to pull up a stump and visit with a friend?
If any of these and a multitude of other topics apply, then The Forestry Forum is the place for you.

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Just came from my Woodmizer man's place where I had him resaw two 8x10x12' sticks with heavy wane down to 8x8 and hauled them and two freshly milled 8x10x16' sticks (from his White Pine logs) home in the bed of my 8' F250. The load was securely strapped and flagged, and the leaf springs hardly sagged,...

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We have a Rapido Loco Junior and are hoping to find a source for both hydraulic and electrical schematics.

After operating the machine for a year, we've encountered what are probably typical issues to deal with yet we're experiencing some which have us perplexed.

Recently the blade won't always spin up to what we considered full speed. Sometimes it will, and other times it won't. Are there adjustments for controlling the hydraulic pressure driving the blade motor, and if so, where?Read More

Hello all, new here. Looking for some advice on what to do with our 10 acres of what i believe is white pine? It's about 30 years old and I don't know the original intention. We've owned it for 1 year. Plan is to open up several acres, a few small openings here and there, and a trail.


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Colby in NH at the end of the month and Mill River in Southern VT are closing.
Kennabec just built a new mill down the road from me.
It's taken 3 years to build.
One of the most state of the art mills in New England I'm told.
I got invited to the open house but couldn't make it.

So the other day one of the guys who trucks for me said our local mill isn't buying any more pine and may be closing. I called the buyer and left a message but never heard back. I have sold pine to them for years and they are/ were a sizable operation.
Anybody else know about this?

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