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Schematics for Woodbine Firewood Processor Rapido Loco Junior

Started by SJSnelling, June 14, 2024, 10:05:59 AM

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We have a Rapido Loco Junior and are hoping to find a source for both hydraulic and electrical schematics. 

After operating the machine for a year, we've encountered what are probably typical issues to deal with yet we're experiencing some which have us perplexed.

Recently the blade won't always spin up to what we considered full speed. Sometimes it will, and other times it won't. Are there adjustments for controlling the hydraulic pressure driving the blade motor, and if so, where?

Occasionally, the Deutz engine seems to slow. We suspect we'll need to clean the fuel tank, and possibly change fuel filters more frequently. Has anyone found some other issues we may not be aware of? Does anyone occasionally see some exhaust smoke?

Any help, be it direct info, leads to someone familiar with this brand of processor, or even some links for schematics would be greatly appreciated.


Welcome to the Forestry Forum. 

What is the history of your machine? Dealer purchased? Have you contacted the manufacturer? Been to a website for this company? Like CRD metal works? 
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Thank-you for the "welcome."

Purchased it used, and no records/history came with it.

CRD Metalworks is permanently closed (unless I missed something with them changing their name, or something).

I've searched online a few times looking for .pdf schematics, yet so far, no success.

From what I've read, our only hope is to find someone that either owns one, or previously owned one, and beg (if necessary buy them a steak dinner) them to share any info they may have.

Since purchasing the unit, we've had good luck sourcing parts we've needed to replace, located an experienced blade person, and of course a good welder.  :)


I have looked at several manual sites and done general searches on the web to no avail.

Here is something for you to try:

CRD Metalworks facebook group

It says there are 839 members of the group so you should find someone who knows about the machine.
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