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Title: Happy Peterson Customer -anyone in Illinois?
Post by: Stan P on October 26, 2007, 08:14:20 AM
Hello Everyone

  I know a lot of guys look at this site when chosing a sawmill.  I just wanted to pass along my satisfaction with the Peterson Mill (8 inch ATS) I bought last year.  The product was great and the companies focus on customer satifaction was amazing.  The founder called me at one point to see how things are going and they eventually helped me sell the mill on their  website.  The interesting thing was I got calls from all around the world.  I sold the mill to help pay for completing the cabin which was over budget and hope to buy anotherone someday when I have time and money.

  The mill is going to a new home in Illinois. I am attaching the link if I am allowed because I think the story is great. They are building a farm that focuses on sustainable farming and forestry.   I told them I'm sure some of their neighbors out there might be able to help them learn to use the mill if they are willing to volunteer a days work.

Getting ready for deer season.  Anyone with experience in propane heating for a cabin.

Hope everyone out there is doing good.

Title: Re: Happy Peterson Customer -anyone in Illinois?
Post by: beenthere on October 26, 2007, 09:33:47 AM
Not sure what you mean, but propane gas burns and creates heat.
A regular furnace using propane, that is vented to the outside is great. If not vented, then lots of moisture dripping off the cabin windows, and risk of CO2 poisoning. Killed grandparents and two grand daughters at a recent horse show in Madison, while sleeping in their trailer overnight.

What do you specifically mean, when you ask about propane heating?  the type of heater?
Title: Re: Happy Peterson Customer -anyone in Illinois?
Post by: submarinesailor on October 26, 2007, 10:02:49 AM

I have lots of experience with propane heating.  In fact, we just put a new Empire FAW55IP Up-Vent Wall Furnace.  Ordered it online from in Wisconsin, $1306 with all the parts and shipping.  Installed fairly easily with few problems.  I picked the IP because I did not want a standing pilot light.  Having worked on the big boilers at the Pentagon and installed HVAC controls for several years, I trust the new electronic flame sensors.  Plus, I wont be paying for the propane consumed by the standing pilot light.

The old furnace output was rated for 45,000 BTU and when it was well below zero it could not keep the pipes from freezing.  So this time I upper the output to 55,000 BTUs.  Hopefully it can hold the house and keep the pipe from freezing.  Of course it cant do anything with power one of my other problems.

The vented units have a lower efficiency rating, BUT as BEENTHERE has already stated, no moisture in the house.  BTW, if you can, get natural gas.  Its about 4 time LESS expensive than propane - per MMBTU (DTH)(million BTUs).

Title: Re: Happy Peterson Customer -anyone in Illinois?
Post by: Stan P on October 26, 2007, 12:25:48 PM
that's very helpful Bruce.   they sell some of the small units that they claim can be used indoors with no venting.  dont think I would sleep well with my two boys (5 and 7)  in there with me with no ventilation. I am trying to decide between a small wood stove which I have and using gas.   the hunting camp is in the woods with no utilities.  there is no stove pipe installed yet so we still have an open slate.  there is a posting under my name in timber framing and log construction that goes through that process from last year.   

thanks guys

Title: Re: Happy Peterson Customer -anyone in Illinois?
Post by: schmism on October 26, 2007, 01:52:56 PM
intresting farm.... im in the neighborhood... sent them an email from there website.