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Hey, I have a question about the maxipc in a used komatsu 931.1
Let me know if this in the wrong forums for this post, new to forums.

The monitor/display is starting to go in ours, we tried hooking up a portable monitor to it through the vga port and powered through the 12volt plug-in. But the screen just stays black. Is there something in the settings you need to change to recognize a new monitor?Read More

Trying to figure how tight my blade needs to be. I have a hydraulic cylinder in it to push on bladetension. But for 1and a half in. blade x .045 in. thick how much pressure does it take. dont want to break it.

I'm new here so not sure if this is allowed but if so, would love to see links to everyone's sawmilling YouTube channels if you have one!

Thinking of sawing some 1/8" thick tulip poplar "sheets" that I want to try to glue onto an lvl beam as a veneer of sorts. They would be 14" wide. Anyone ever try that? Thinking i might need a lot of stickers to keep them flat and then flash drying it in the kiln. It seems like a good idea and I'm going...

Read More

Developed an oil leak in Hydraulic Box due to clamp not tight.. ( all clamps were pretty loose).
I have a partial gallon of Wood Mizer Hydraulic oil MV32 006397 I need more to fill reservoir.
Is this some sort of special oil for WM or can I use any 32-weight hydraulic oil...
I can get 32 weight oil in 1/2hourRead More

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