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Urban Wood Drying Workshop, Adrian MI

Started by pflaleicke, April 30, 2024, 08:44:22 AM

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Proper drying is the key to turning freshly milled urban wood into high-value, marketable lumber. 
This comprehensive workshop equips participants with the knowledge and resources to understand what is happening to their wood as it dries. Participants will understand how to control the processes and the strategies and tools available to improve their drying operation. Through interactive sessions and expert-led demonstrations, participants will gain the skills to develop a strategic drying plan and implement best practices for achieving consistent, high-quality lumber results.
The workshop includes lectures, hands-on activities & labs:

  • Urban wood philosophy & business culture
  • Introduction to wood ID
  • Wood & moisture
  • DH, solar, and vacuum kilns
  • Measuring & monitoring moisture
  • Urban wood drying quality
  • Resources, literature & training
  • Moisture content tracking & monitoring round table discussion.
  • What are your best practices? What works well for others?

For more details about the 2024 Urban Wood Drying Workshop:



Is this a yearly workshop?  I would really like to go but still working full time and I need to get my house finished asap. 

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