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i pulled a dumb-dumb...

Started by Dan_Shade, August 05, 2005, 09:49:14 PM

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I made a pretty big mistake earlier today, I got lucky that I didn't hurt myself.

I have some pine logs that are full of bugs now, chewing away, the bark is coming off pretty easy, and this one had poison all over it, so I barked it on the ground, then rolled it up my ramps with my winch...

first time, it got to the breakover point, decided it was going to go sideways, and slid off, no big deal, only frustrating, so I get it all back up again, but it was in the wrong spot on my frame, so I went to slide it down using a 2x4 to pry, lift, and sorta rotate it down the track.  It was too slippery for this to work, so I rounded up my long rollers so I could roll it on the frame.  well, i was tired, and hot, so I sat on the 2x4 i was using as a lever, and let my weight down on it so I could pick up the roller tube underneath of me.  As I let myself down, I levered the log up to the point it rolled down the 2x4.

I saw the log coming but it was too late to do anything, I tried to stop it, and tried to get up at the same time.  It knocked me down, skinned up my shins, and really didn't hurt anything more than my pride, but I realized if that had been a similar sized oak, i may have been in a bit more trouble.

So anyways, be careful, I didn't hurt any more than my pride, but it sure woke me up.
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Glad you are o.k. That could have been really nasty. Only a moment of inattention then BOOM.
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