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1/2 dovetail dimensions

Started by taholmes160, June 07, 2024, 09:36:12 PM

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HI Guys:

I model log (cabins/ homes / mansions) digitally in 3d for a hobby.  I have been trying for a couple years to model a 1/2 dovetail joint, and i cannot get the blasted thing to work out.  Part of the problem is that I have never been able to find a full set of dimensions for both parts of the joint -- 

can someone help me get this figured out?  I have a nice log home plan that I want to work on but I really want to do it in 1/2 dovetail corners.

I can handle cad files if necessary, and I can translate hand drawn to cad or to 3d files without much issue, I just cant get the plagued thing to match up


Don P

Hey Tim

It has been a long time.. start with center lines and lay it out as lap joints. Half in the middle and quarter gone from each edge, then add and subtract the angles.

B.A. Mackie "Notches of all Kinds" shows I believe a full dovetail layout. I have it here somewhere if you want a scan.

Don P

Poof, Elvis has left the building. Oh well, it kept bugging me till I drew it.

This is a 6x12 which is pretty common for dovetail logs here. The 3 major horizontals on the end were the start. I found center, then quarter points. At the top I went 1/2" above and below that line, at the bottom I went 1/2" above and below the line in the axial direction on the stick.

This is basic, you can play with it from there.. The sketchup file is attached... I hope.


Cool - -thanks -- that explains it I appreciate it a lot!


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