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MacBook:  Who is using one.  Pros - Cons ??

I have a 2013 one I bought second hand (9 months old).

Pros: I turn it on and it works.

Cons: $$.

The only expense has been a new charge cord and I bumped up the ram 4 years ago.

Bandmill Bandit:
We bought a basic Apple Macbook in 2000 that is no being used by my 7 year old grandson for games. BUT he is starting to complain its too slow.

With in a year of the mac book every computer in our system was Apple. 7 Macbook Pros and 5 IMac 21" pros.

Con was singular;
Initial HARDWARE acquisition cost was 26% higher based on the quoted price from the dealers I dealt with for equal/comparable product at the time.

Learning curve was steep but short!

The windows based sytems had a secondary quote attached to the hardware quote for SOFTWARE and Licencing/renewal. That pushed initial acquisition costs to just a bit over 50% higher on the Windows systems AND the annual licence fees were some what less BUT perpetual for as long as you run the software. I already owned licence for the software I was using and was subject to renewals already but need additional new suites for the 4 newly deployed systems.

Software included on the Apple product!

When you turn it on, it works 999 times out of a 1000!    

4 of those lap tops were still running and all the Imacs were all running when we  traded up 4 years ago.

NO software renewal fees for 20 years adds up. AND annual hardware costs dropped drastically. We've only done 1 complete system update in 2016 where we were rotating at least a 1/3 of the system every year prior to moving to Apple.

Support requirement dropped to almost NIL. Hacking issues, viruses etc etc pretty much non existent. So much so that you don't even think about it really.

Over all it cut our annual computer budget by very well over 50%.

ALL 3 of our servers are now Apple. 1 Is 5 years old and 2 are 2 years old. The data robot bank is over 1000 terabytes, so the servers got their work cut out for them and we (Son now) can't afford for them to go offline.

This is my fourth MacBook. They do cost a little more upfront but they mostly have no problems. The OS is functional and things have appropriate names and hierarchies.

I only had one windows machine in the late '90s and absolutely hated it. There was no logic to the OS and it was generally full of bugs and creepy-crawlies !

I run an ad and tracker blocker which is free ( Ghostery ) and I pay for an email server that  gets rid of most junk mail. There is peace in my little computer world  ;D

I've been running PC's for 20 years, never been hacked, no virus issues. I run Firefox with Ghostery, Noscript, Adblocker, and FBPurity add-ons which keep all the crap away. ;D Never had a hard drive failure, never had any of the Laptops fail, the older ones got slow as program bloat gets bigger. ;D I do hate that windows changes little subtle things all the time, like the search feature to find a program. You have to use Corona now, which I seen no point in except some HA collecting data. No idea yet what searching for say 'Powershell' is going to tell them, other than the obvious. I wonder how many $$ that is worth these days? :D


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