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Back up program needed


Raider Bill:
I'm looking to replace the program I use in the office to do backups. [Aomei] It's giving me too many problems..

This is for my in office NASE unit which has 5 10 TB solid state drives, NTFS and is on my wired network and all are windows machines.

I need to back up 5 work stations and a in house server which has the most data stored on it everyday.

Looking for something that will do scheduled daily back ups on the work stations and multiple backup each day on the server which brings in at a minimum 5 GB a day of pictures and reports.

I want it to sync and only back up new data.

Windows back up will not work.

Any suggestions?

I mirror all drives, use raid 5 wherever I can.  For backup storage software I use a product called Syncredible by AsComp software. It does everything you expect in regards to scheduling, archiving and report generation.

Whose NAS device are you using?  Some come with utilities that can handle the backup chore. Iím using a Synology NAS and they provide a lot of good utilities for all sorts of things, backup included. No doubt that varies among manufacturers though. 

I also Aomei (free version) for certain backup chores and it works fine. The free version may not have the exact functionality youíre looking for, but at least it could give an idea of whether it would work with your hardware. 

Iím not really a good authority on backup and such, Iíve just managed to stumble around and get enough going to suit my needs. I chose Synology hardware based on a friendís experience and it turned out to be a good choice for me.

Good luck. The whole backup and NAS world is more complicated than I would like, but at least I got lucky and ended up ok. 


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