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Alternative methods and solutions / Re: Wake Up Call for Green Energy

« Last post by twar on Today at 07:24:00 AM »
always comes back to increased consumption

Yes, it does.

Years ago when I had kids in school, they learned Reduce, Re-use and Recycle (ordered by declining environmental benefit). We have been pretty good (at least better) with the last one. Even the poorer countries in Europe have a system for sorting and recycling. And though the environmental benefits can at times be questionable, it does make us feel better.

Re-use has become popular in some areas (e.g. some clothes, building material), but re-use face several challenges and still amounts to a microscopic % of total consumption.

And then there is Reduce. There are very few voices, regardless of political color, that say, "Do not buy that new <insert product>". The <product> dealer needs to make a living and meet payroll (and taxes need to be paid to make society's economic cake bigger).

Instead a new "R" is introduced; Replace the gas car with an EV. Replace your old boat, camper, sofa, TV... with a "green" one, produced in an "environmentally responsible" way. But by all means, continue consuming.

The country of Denmark does "everything right"; high % of renewable energy, bicycles, organically produced food, green certification, etc. etc. Italy does some, but much, much less (per capita) than Denmark. Who has the greater carbon footprint? The Dane by about 25%, because he/she consumes more. And Denmark's windmills and organic tomatoes are not going to change that.
Chainsaws / Re: Saws

« Last post by firefighter ontheside on Today at 07:22:34 AM »
I wish I had my dad's old Skil chainsaw that he had when I was a kid.  It was the first saw I ever used.  I think my hands are still vibrating from using that to cut down a honey locust tree in the back yard.
I know what you been Beenthere! I am still burning some Ash I should saw. I did build some really nice shelving with one log here recently. Im hoping that will inspire me to burn slabs and keep the lumber. Not but a couple Ash trees left on our property at this point. Just a few years ago it was probably a close second to pine. Our woods have really opened up as it has died. Sad to watch!
Forestry and Logging / Re: the opportunity i fell into

« Last post by nativewolf on Today at 07:17:40 AM »
 Well in that case we need more Swiss business magnates with homes in CR. 

Speaking of that how is the other side of things- the quarry doing ok?
General Woodworking / Re: Vardo Gypsy Wagon Build-modern

« Last post by DMcCoy on Today at 07:15:02 AM »
The wood stove has been mounted on a sheet of stainless steel.  The sheet was pretty scratched so I used a random orbit sander to give it a finish which covered or obscured the scratches.
It has a 1" air space under the SS sheet.  Metal spacers and bolts were used to fasten it down.  I will need a wall heat shield yet.  The wood stove is designed for wall mounting in a sailboat, the clearance is much tighter when using a heat shield than the 6 or so inches of space I am allowing.

And the cook top...

The walls are still just primer painted, the final color is an ongoing discussion.  A lighter paint might help lessen the light color of the countertop.
It will probably help when the heat shield and upper cabinet and fan are installed also.  Likely some spice or dish racks will get installed.  
Forestry and Logging / Re: the opportunity i fell into

« Last post by teakwood on Today at 07:10:21 AM »
CR has been corrupted by having too many Americans resettle there, skews the economy

that's not true, we have a lot of foreigners living here or having second houses, but the are an important link in our economy. who do you think buys my expensive teakwood?  95% of my sales end up in foreigners houses ;)
Alternative methods and solutions / Re: Wake Up Call for Green Energy

« Last post by Southside on Today at 07:09:33 AM »
Thinking the city folks are a "small percentage of the population" and telling them they can use public transportation instead of owning a vehicle is right up there with "let them eat cake". 

Didn't work out then, and the same approach won't work out this time for the same reason nobody is successfully going to tell us out in the boonies what we "must do". It's human nature. Sensible solutions are one thing, this forced transition isn't. 
I had a boss   ::)   if it wasn't done his way, it wasn't done right.
My FIL is almost as bad too.
Forestry and Logging / Re: the opportunity i fell into

« Last post by teakwood on Today at 07:06:41 AM »
Equipment looks a lot better than mills that close up shop around here

the company (swiss and german investors i think) started invest about 8years ago in the sawmill, that's why everthing is still new. they added the big kiln one year ago!
Sawmills and Milling / Re: directing leaning trees

« Last post by B.C.C. Lapp on Today at 07:06:37 AM »
Never seen that done before.  Goes to show there is always more than one way. As long as its safe its good. But I tell ya  Vautour its hard to tell from the pics,  but I wonder if you could have tipped that the way you wanted it to go with some wedges.
From the way it looks, I'd guess you open your hinge face with the bottom cut first, then open the face cutting down to it.  That resulted in your hinge being not quite level, and that changes its strength and how it will break.     Make your face cut first, then open the hinge  making the bottom cut next.  Its much more precise that way.  Then bore cut in behind the hinge leaving about an inch of hinge or maybe a bit more if its leaning hard.  Bring the bore cut back far enough that you can place a couple of small wedge's one on each side so you can then finish the release cut with out getting your bar pinched.   Dont use those wedges to lift it though.  With a tree that small you could cause it to break and go sideways on you if you pound wedges to close to the hinge.   Instead put two more wedges in the back and use those to lift the tree.  If those dont lift it far enough take the two from the sides, they will be lose and unnecessary now, and double them like a sandwich, put them in the back and you can tip that tree a long ways. a half inch of lift can move a tree many feet against its lean.  
I'm not good at describing things in print, it would take less time to show you what Im thinking than typing it.     If your wedges keep popping out when you double them put some dirt between them and pound the bottom one first.    
Sawmills and Milling / Re: General milling

« Last post by thecfarm on Today at 07:04:24 AM »
Lectro88, welcome to the forum.
Buy the mill!!!!   ;D
Forestry and Logging / Re: the opportunity i fell into

« Last post by teakwood on Today at 07:03:55 AM »
I'm telling you pour the concrete and put up the roof.  You'll never get a table saw like that at that price.  Awesome machine.

So the mill had plantations as well?  I see the 3 wheeled dangle head harvester.  

You could have bid on the moulder (weinig?) if you had more space.  

$85 for  top weinig 8 headed molder is not bad at all.  How much did the 4 sided go for?

Kilns seem to be a PITA to move.  

CR has been corrupted by having too many Americans resettle there, skews the economy.  I am surprised there is no for profit technical school, there will be a huge need.
you really got me thinking, i kinda found a space where it semi fits, in my old wood storage beside the woodworking shop, i will place here there but without concrete first. if it gets used i later do the floor right.
I have way too much to do right now.

this company are two daughter firms, one was the indusry (sawmill) and the other is the forestry, they own about 12k hectares of teak plantations and will still be operating. just sell round wood, logs. they have 4 or 5 tricycle machines, the one in the foto was for loading logs into the green chains.

there are 5x four siders for sale, 13k -85k. i already have one moulder so i don't need another one.

the 4 sider planer went for 25k, was pretty new. was a kupfermuehle, i think german brand. 1.2m helical spiral cutter with about 500 inserts :D. 30kw motors

General Board / Re: The Weather 2022

« Last post by thecfarm on Today at 07:01:47 AM »
I have 32° and no wind.
Power stayed on, somehow.
Sorry for the multiple post.  This is a former shelterwood cut we think.  There are three different age class yp.  It is the closest thing to the stands @ehp describes that I have seen.  



Lots of ice storm damage.  Mostly YP but a few cherry.  Wish this had young oaks and walnut. The oldest trees are 50 years old and 30-40”dbh.  Trying to remove those.  
General Woodworking / Re: Vardo Gypsy Wagon Build-modern

« Last post by DMcCoy on Today at 06:58:01 AM »
I have finished the kitchen countertop and added the sink, cook top, and wood stove.  I used birdseye maple cut from some big leaf maple trees I had.  Big leaf maple is soft compared to eastern maples.  I was concerned that the birdseye would look overly busy so I mixed it with ribbon grain and a few knots and staining.  I'm not sure I like it but perhaps it will grow on me.



Sawmills and Milling / Re: How to saw lumber that doesn't bow.

« Last post by Magicman on Today at 06:54:51 AM »
First, welcome home Glen, it's been a while.  :)

I do not profess to be some kinda expert but I have sawn well over 100Mbf of framing lumber this year.  Your topic title said bow so first lets define what I term as bow and what I term as crook.  I define side bend as crook meaning that the board would lay flat but would have a crown.  A board with bow would have a belly up or down when laid on the floor but would show minimum crown.  Google "warped lumber" for pictures of examples.  For framing lumber I much prefer bow and avoid crook.  

Establish your cant within your logs so that the saw-thru will be from the hump or horn face will produce a majority of lumber that may bow but have minimum crook.  Note that the side lumber that was taken off to establish your cant will have a tendency to crook rather than bow.  If attention is not paid to the log to determine the hump and horn faces, you could very well get lumber that will twist like propellers. :-X

Sticker bowed lumber with the ends down so that the weight will flatten the bow.

Here is a long topic on sawing framing lumber:  Framing Lumber
Forestry and Logging / Re: the opportunity i fell into

« Last post by teakwood on Today at 06:51:45 AM »
the lumber will get sold last, so maybe i buy some, depends on price. although i have my own trees standing in the plantations so why spend money on logs. 
Alternative methods and solutions / "Daylight Drive" solar

« Last post by DMcCoy on Today at 06:44:37 AM »
Mainstream solar is grid tied or battery.
These folks are running 180 v DC direct from solar panels to power equipment. Hence daylight drive. Lights are run on some sort of iron batteries.
A very different approach.
Sawmills and Milling / Re: General milling

« Last post by SawyerTed on Today at 06:44:30 AM »
Welcome to the forum. There are several of us from NC.  
Walnut beast- 
The walnut log game is mind boggling for the best of buyers.    Logs are hopes and dreams until they are processed.    Logs out of the northern black dirt belts are less risky bets.  The risk gets higher the farther u move from these areas.    The crazy walnut demand in past few years from all over the globe has made the game less than "honest" in many cases.   The winning bidder could well be trucking the logs to IA to sell as IA grown logs. Uneducated buyers may suck them up as the higher quality IA logs.    The 2 low bids may be good faith buyers buying the logs for what they actually are.   Lots of horror stories of buyers buying logs in the good northern areas and after slicing they find out what they bought.    
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