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Ticks ticks ticks

Started by HemlockKing, April 27, 2021, 06:18:06 PM

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 We just went for a walk out in the woods looking for morels. I found around 15 deer ticks, both nymph and adult, and 4 or 5 wood ticks.
Too many irons in the fire


Its definitely tough out there especially if you have
pets to walk . The dog has five points of ground contact including the nose
wheras we only have two so they can pick up 2-3 times as many ticks..
The vet said its no longer a seasonal issue like it once was and I've found that
they may be active in below freezing temps too.
So unless there is snow cover they are probably around , We've seen more than a hundred
already this year, both deer and wood varieties, lots of the deer ticks earlier. .
Had one climbing up my pemethrin treated pant leg a few days ago.
Unfortunately there is no one size fits all solution. Putting chemicals in or on your dog
to what avail is what's available.
Skidding firewood with a kubota L3300.

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