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Started by Ron Wenrich, June 28, 2008, 11:10:51 AM

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Josh O'Neal

School: Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College,
     Degree-AS, Forest Technology (2010)
School: University of Georgia   GO DAWGS!
     Degree-BS, Forest Resources (2012)
Years of experience: 2
Currently working in timber sales for the US Army Corps of Engineers.


Way to go, Hemlock.  I am an old Dawg, too. 

BSFR Timber Management 1977
MS Forest Soils 1979

Good to see you here, Whippersnapper  ;D. 
Woodmizer LT40HDD35, John Deere 2155, Kubota M5-111, Kubota L2501, Nyle L53 Dehumidification Kiln, and a passion for all things with leafs, twigs, and bark.


Quote from: WDH on February 06, 2015, 08:08:21 PM
Way to go, Hemlock.  I am an old Dawg, too. 

BSFR Timber Management 1977
MS Forest Soils 1979

Good to see you here, Whippersnapper  ;D.

Thank you WDH. I see you are from Perry,my wife is from Warner Robins, a lot of good people down your way.

dean herring

Riles ,would that be Mt. Holly Ark. That is my moms home town?
Failure is not an option  3D Lumber

WV Mountaineer

I work as a procurement and logging forester for a Mill in Summers County WV.   Meador Wood Products.  I graduated from WVU with a BS in Forestry Resource Management Degree in 1999.  I worked throughout college with the best forester I have ever met.  He and his son taught me a lot.  Loggers have done the rest.  I have spent some time working for government agencies,(state).  However, my love lies in private industry.  My experience in extensive in all fields associated with procuring and harvesting timber.

I currently procure and supervise the logging of 10 million board foot of timber annually.  Sometimes more.  Sometimes less.  As we all know now, it simply depends on the markets.  I know logging well, as my job demands that.  I can run equipment or cut the timber if need be.  I just love working in the woods and buying timber.  And, I cruise a LOT of timber. As any procurement forester can attest.  I am a certified professional forester registered in the state of WV.   Counting college years, I reckon I'm going on about 18 years experience being or, acting like a forester.  :^)

I can be articulate, wise, and experienced.  Or, I can be mud simple.  I am told I tend to be rather blunt at times but, I mean no harm.  That is just me.  And, I often lack the time for being graciously tactful. I just say what needs to be said and move along.  I am certain that I share these characteristics with any forester that spends a lot of time dealing with the public and loggers.  I'm not special at all.  I just hustle.  God Bless
Trying to live for the Lord, spend all the time I got with family, friends, hunting, fishing, and just enjoying my blessings.


Wes Logue

Degree: BS in Forestry 2014 University of Maine

Experience: 3 Years of Harvesting for 7 Islands in Maine and 1 year as an official licensed forester.

Area of Expertise: Keeping my mouth shut when the older foresters speak up. Weather and Wildland Fire.


AAA degree in Forestry Technology from Wenatchee Valley College (no longer has a forestry program) 1977.
Forest Engineering Institure--a 10 week course in forest engineering at Oregon State that now is a different acronym  SALI, I believe. 
Now retired and learning to play the fiddle after 32 years with the USFS doing a bit of everything timber related.  I play my fiddle in tune, usually, most of the time.   


Ben Stone
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Forestry with an Operations concentration from Humboldt State University

Experience: Two seasons timber cruising/marking/THP layout for private consulting firm. Have done contract work for BLM, USFS, and private timber companies in Northern California and Central/Southern Oregon.

Expertise: Harvest systems optimization, growth and yield modelling, financial analyses, an unrelenting pursuit for better cruise data


Devin J. Hayman

"I don't feel as though I am a seasoned expert, but I do feel like I could turn a good yarn."


2016 Graduate of The Maritime College of Forest Technology (MCFT). In the past, formally known as the Maritime Forest Ranger School.
Presently pursuing a BSc. Forestry at the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton.

Years of Experience: 3 with Family, 4 in Private Industry, and 1 in Gov't

Started working in my father's sawmill and planer mill at an early age. Later did odd jobs after a fire destroyed the operation.

A few years later I started working for a local logging contractor on his farm and in the woods. Started off with PCT work running a spacing saw, later earning the chance to trail-cut and help out on some 1st, 2nd, and 3rd entry commercial thinnings.

Later I went to Alberta, where I had the opportunity to become a Wildland Firefighter.


You don't know anything about wood. I'm the wood master.

Wis Forester

BS Forest Management from UW- Stevens Point 1991

25 years forest management experience in Northern Wisconsin and MI UP ranging from Tribal reservation lands to large industry ownerships to small private landowners.

Chairman of forest dependent community for 10+ years with greater than 60% National Forest Lands within jurisdiction.


BS Forestry/Soils Humboldt State University

3.5 years working in Humboldt County CA as a forestry technician.
CA Registered Professional Forester #3051


Degree:  Maritime College of Forest Technology 2009, BScF University of New Brunswick 2012

Years of Experience:  6

Areas of Expertise:  Harvest block and road layout, silviculture operations, harvest operations supervision.

RPF (Alberta)

Alberta Scalers permit

Current residence is North-west Alberta, working as an operations forester.  Primary focus is collection of production data from harvest operations throughout northern Alberta and Saskatewan.


Degree:  BS Environmental Biology, Greenville University (IL) 2009

Experience: 8-ish years doing forestry research, monitoring, and management

Just got hired on as a Forester/Biologist for the US Army Corps of Engineers on the Mississippi River

Areas of expertise: forest inventory, invasive species management, TSI, reforestation, prescribed burning


abstoff15,welcome to the forum.
Good luck with the new job.
Model 6020-20hp Manual Thomas bandsaw,TC40A 4wd 40 hp New Holland tractor, 450 Norse Winch, Heatmor 400 OWB,YCC 1978-79


Education: I began schoolin' at Germanna Community College in Locust Grove, VA then transferred to Virginia Tech and graduated with degrees in Forestry and Wood Science
Experience: 15 Years of cruising fixed radius plots for a Govt. program called Forest Inventory and Analysis.  Along the way I've part timed cutting trees out of yards, helping with a portable bandmill, and planting seedlings.
There might be a little dust on the butt log, but don't let if fool ya bout what's inside


B.S. Forestry Miss. State Univ. 1976
Grunt Forester for International Paper, Weyerhauser In Arkansas
Desk Forester for Champion International in Alabama
Grunt Letter Carrier USPS till retirement in Mississippi
Areas of Expertise: Jack of all Trades, Master of none!
Woodmizer LT-15, Ross Pony #1 planner, Ford 2600 tractor, Stihl chainsaws, Kubota rtv900 Kubota L3830F tractor


Degree/Education: Forestry Degree and some graduate work at Lakehead University in Ontario circa 2001

Experience: 7 years of fieldwork and contract management in Canada, 11 years of policy, politics and tax in the USA

Areas of Expertise: Tax, Business Fraud, Silviculture/TSI, Health+Safety, Genetics, Carbon Markets, Climate Change (just because I know the topic doesn't mean I believe it)


Degree: BS and MS in Forest Management from University of Montana

Years of Experience: 10

Areas of Expertise: timber basis, timber sale administration, management plan development, timber theft/tresspass.

Other credentials: SAF Certified Forester, ATFS Certified Inspector, published author in Journal of Forest Engineering

Since college I've held a number of different positions ranging from Indian Tribe presales forester in Washington to Service Forester in NE Ohio.  I bought standing timber for a time in Indiana as well.  When my wife and I moved back to SW Ohio two years ago I used it as an opportunity to start my own consulting business and formed Mission Forestry Consulting, LLC (Mission Forestry Consulting, LLC - Mission Forestry Consulting LLC Home).  Moving to self employment has been, at times, a painful learning curve but so far I'm enjoying the rewarding work.  Things are slowly building, as to be expected when starting from scratch, but business has been good enough to justify continued efforts and see where it can go.  This forum has been a big help over the years (long time lurker) so I appreciate the folks running it.  If I can be of any help to the members of this forum please let me know.  
If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; Even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me. 

Psalms 139, 9-10.


Did I ever post in here? Can anyone remember. I haven't been on here regular since this thread was started I don't think?

Education: Went to a tech school for a year and a half and then transferred to Clemson. Graduated with a BS in Forest Resource Management and a BS in Wood Technology in 2004.
Masters of Forest Resources (forest economics focus) in 2006

After undergrad I worked for the army for a year and a half. Then went back to grad school. I have been employed with the Army Corps of Engineers since 2006 in the same position as I am now. I am a Timber Harvest Forester, in charge of the sales program for the Army in my area.

Registered Forester in SC since 2018.
Resident Forester
US Army Corps of Engineers: Savannah District

Clemson Forestry Grad 2004
MFR Clemson University 2006
Stihl MS 390


BS in Forestry, Univ. Of TN Knoxville (2010)
MS in Agriculture & Forestry, Univ. of Helsinki, Finland (2013)

Whole career thus far been with the feds (USFS). Seasonal timber/TSI grunt 2009-2013 (WY, CO, OR), and permanent forester positions since 2014-present (MT, CA). Last month i accepted a forester job offer with the USFS in western NC, and am very happy to be settling back in the SE.

Areas of exp: timber sale preparation, silvicultural prescriptions, GIS, western yellow pine and dry mixed conifer fire resilience restoration, wildfire salvage, some lodgepole pine mgmt, watershed/landscape level fuels reduction and Rx fire planning in CA, and soon to be more southern Appalachian hrdws and oak regen.
Forester, Nantahala National Forest


Is it worth it be a forester nowadays?

B.C.C. Lapp

I'd say yes. More than ever.   Land owners are very aware of what they have, and many of them want to protect it and manage it.  Takes a pro to do that right.
If a man has more than 20 acres of timber, and isn't a wood guy in some way, he needs a forester.
Listen, or your tongue will make you deaf.

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