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Below problem solved. The same seal is installed at the other end of the tensioner and it is clear that the flat face goes against the seal. Thanks.
I ordered a seal kit for the hydraulic blade tensioner on my LT40 and to save some time disassembled and started cleaning the components. Only after it was too late did I notice one of the metal blocks could be oriented in two ways, and only one is correct. That's where I need some help. Read More

Thank you to those who helped me decided what mill to get. I ordered at Woodmizer LX50Super. I have 5 or so weeks to get ready. I picked the right spot which is right by my wood processing area. I plan to build the platform in the attached picture. The mill is 12'5" and I have a 5' extension, making it 17'5". I am going to make each track out of 2 10' 6x6 joined at the center and joined with mending plates. I'll have 5 posts with one in the middle to join the two sections of 6x6. I'll dig out the footings about a foot deep and fill with 2A modified gravel. I'll use a laser line level. I am going to put wood chips around the mill but eventually a ground level deck. First project will be making wood storage then making a roof for the mill.Read More


Looks to be a tough job getting it out. Bringing in some heavy equipment .



Read More

A friend dropped it off and wants as many 2x6s as possible.
Any suggestions for best way to break this down?
My plan was to make some 2" side wood that I will edge later, then have a 12x12" cant that I will split, then mill those into the 2x6s. But this seems like a lot of extra heavy handling,Read More

Got a230 a It was sitting for three years. Got it running but we can't get the clutch to disengage. I don't think linkage is right. Clutch was supposed to have been replaced. But I am finding all kinds of loose bolts. It was missing the grapple. Bought a used sure grip grapple put it on . Claw works but not the rotator . Guy said it was working when removed. Do you have to bleed the rotator. Where can a guy get a schematic for the rotator. It has two sets of two lines running down the stick to the rotator. Any help on these two problems would help. When I fix these problems, I'll have more lots more. Thank You.Read More

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