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I would listen to a podcast for sure. This Newbie needs a lot of help learning. pc_smiley

Yeah, sounds like a great idea!  8)

Thats two 8) 8)

Iím another for that route. Heck, I would be inclined to participate and talk but I donít know if I would have anything pertinent to say, just a slightly different way of looking at life. But Iím still here (for now)!

After all, who wants to hear from someone with a 25yr background in selling automotive and equipment parts? Automotive, I was top notch. Equipment, I would like to think I was a rookie at best! 

But the customers like me because of attitude. That canít be taught. Learned, yes. You just have to pay attention. 

Two ears and one mouth. God gave us this as a reminder: listen twice as much as you talk! Easy to see, but hard to teach. Just be humble.

Iím far, FAR from being a preacher, my life is to ďcolorfulĒ for that. But my father-in-law is. He knows my life and doesnít look down on me. Iíve asked for his ear and heís willing to give it. And heís asked for advice on a few things that I know about that are specialized and I give it to him. In fact, they are planning to come up from MS next weekend. Maybe they will come up close to Magic Man, but weíll not count on the planets being in perfect alignment. But a man can dream!

Hi there, can you guide me a little bit? I really want to listen to the podcast, but I can't find it.


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