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March 19th and 20th 2022. Year 2 Free Sawmill Weekend, Craft show


FREE SAWMILLING; you bring your log or logs to my sawmill and together we will cut as many as we can into whatever size lumber you want;
KARLEY'S BIRTHDAY : it is my daughter's 21st birthday party , So on Saturday there will be cake, and she will be expecting a Happy Birthday Gift. (a piece of lumber from your log will not count)
CRAFT SHOW; I wood (see what i did there) like to see some craft venders who are making crafts out of wood, ie tables, chairs, dressers, signs, boxes, toys or whatever wooden items you make. However as of this year all crafters are welcome, no matter what you are selling. There is no reserved or special places to set up your craft booth, it is free and there is no limits on your booth sizes.
SAWMILLS; I am still looking for other sawyers who would like to bring their sawmill to the gym, set up and mill some lumber. I am looking for any size portable sawmills from chainsaw mill to the largest portable sawmills they make, and any and all makes.
OTHER DIETAILS; We will have a camp fire burning and some hot dogs and a can of beans, we can provide the willow stick, you cook the dog yourself. Please bring some kind of a dish, IDC if it is a bag of chips or potato salad, just something to contribute to the "pot luck" type of lunch and supper. IF you want something besides hot dogs for meat then you have to bring it yourself. (steak, hamburger, pork burger) What every YOU wish to cook over the open fire. We will provide some lemonade or water or sweet tea, if you want anything else, it is bring your own. (kind of like family gathering rules )
Even if you don't have any logs or crafts, I am going to need a lot of people come have a good time, watch a sawmill work, or get a work out rolling logs, carrying boards, stacking lumber or playing Disc Golf on our 9 hole coarse, (Beaver Tail Disc Golf Course) or even if you are just shooting the [I have typed a profane word that is automatically changed by the forum censored words program I should know better], bring your own gloves, especially if you are just shooting the [I have typed a profane word that is automatically changed by the forum censored words program I should know better].
Everyone who brings logs will get at least on log sawn.
So if 20 people bring six logs each, we will start by sawing one log for every person. When everyone gets one log sawn we will start on log number 2 for everyone. Each person who brings logs will have to be present at the time their log is being sawn, they will need to take their own lumber off the mill and put it in their own truck/trailer.
If only one person brings 20 logs, then we will saw as many as we can for that one person. Please let me know if you are bringing logs and i will schedule an approximant time when your log will be sawn.
When the weekend is over, or i am to tired to move, any remaining logs will need to be taken with you OR we can work out an arrangement (some kind of payment) for them to be sawn at a later date.
Oh ya, almost forgot , i guess you could just come to wish Karley a Happy Birthday)
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Well another year in the books.   I though it was going to be a great event (I always think it is going to be great)  I had three mills, other than mine,  lined up to attend the event this year,  First mill was a Woodland mills 130 Max, two weeks before the event the sawyer slipped on ice and had to have surgery.  Second mill was a Small norwood, owner sold the mill right before the event, ( sold for way more than new prices).  Third mill was a chainsaw mill, the sawyer moved out of area right before the event.  The craft booths were all related to the sawmills and did not show up for the same reason as the sawmills.   

Only one person showed up with logs to be sawn (drove 4 hours).  3 white oak, 3 walnut and 1 cedar.  I live edged some white oak, quartersawn some white oak, and made lumber out of the third log.  One of he walnuts was a root ball. It was something i had never done before and was a lot of fun.  One of the Walnut logs had a crouch, with some very nice figure.  The cedar was also something I had never done, so that was interesting.   

Another year of eating leftover hot dogs and chili for me.  Yet again this year, i refuse to be disappointed by the low turnout of people, forever optimistic !  I still believe this is a great idea.  For now i will go back to making sawdust and hope for a better turnout next year.




Well I think its a good thing your doing. Sorry you had such a pour turnout.


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