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The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

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On this date in 1975 the Edmund Fitzgerald sank with no survivors.....

Visit the Shipwreck Museum at Whitefish Point north of Paradise if you ever get the chance.

Scott B.

Here's a link:Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum

I was volunteering one time many years ago over on Lime Island, and was looking at the daily log book from the superintendent's residence they kept for the Islands boat. It was almost haunting to see the notations on the storm, and that there was a freighter missing

The Edmond Fitzgerald would have passed within earshot of its engines on a calm night, here at the cabin.

The song still moves me till this day

I was born in '75, so I always know how many years ago the Fitzgerald sank. ;D
Grew up listening to Lightfoot, and we always played the song while traveling along the Superior shoreline on the way to Canada. In Duluth MN, a similar boat the SS William A Irvin is permanently moored as a floating museum. We took the tour of it years ago, neat to see if you want to know what the old ore boats were like.


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