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Planer issues powermatic pm221

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My planer does this crazy snipe occasionally not always but when it does itís pretty much at the same spot on a board. I dropped my bed rollers to below the bed to rule out a bad roller and it still does it. And itís always on the right side of the planer bed. You can see how it fades to the left side. Any thoughts? These are drawer bottoms that are full width for the planer at 20Ē. 

firefighter ontheside:
I would say down pressure on feed roller on that side is not holding the board down.  Also, any chance the knives are not set correctly.  When I got my used 20" grizzly, the knives were set too low in relation to feed rollers and it sniped all over.  Is that the tailing end of board?

Does that happen on the outfeed, as the trailing edge of th aboard is exiting the machine?  

If so, and if you have a pressure bar, the it is set way too high on that side, and needs to be adjusted.

Is designed to keep exactly that from happening as it is set only a couple thousandths off an inch above the board and is a positive stop to keep the cutter from digging in like that.

You also may have a broken or mis adjusted outfeed roller down pressure spring on that side.  

Walnut Beast:
What I was told by a designer is that if that board isnít flat that can also effect things. Like if the board had a twist to it

Tom King:
You're going to need a dial indicator and holder to check every part and set to the correct specs, like the pressure bar, knife projection, etc., etc.

You can probably find the specs online, or on the old iron forums.


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