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Briggs vanguard fuel solenoid.

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Patrick NC:
Yesterday I was sawing some cedar when suddenly my 23hp briggs died mid cut just like I turned the key off. It was a bit of a head scratcher at first. I pulled the fuel line off and the pump was working good. Checked for spark, also good. Dumped a little gas in the carb, started and died again.  While I was turning the key on and off I noticed that I could hear the fuel solenoid on the carburetor click. Started checking wires and flipping the switch and suddenly it started working again.  Got back up and running and about an hour later it happened again. Removed the solenoid and checked for trash or corrosion.  Clean as a whistle with no obvious reason why it would get stuck. It started working again after I got it back together.  No more issues the rest of the day. I've ordered a new solenoid,  but I'm a little concerned that it could be a short in the wiring somewhere.  I guess I'll have to go over everything and check for bare wires. Possibly a ground problem?

Leave it idling and wriggle all the wires yep. I had this same thing happen to me absolutely dead in the water with a band buried in a log. Poked and prodded around wiring and one snapped off at the crimp joint. Have to get thrown an easy one once in a while, hopefully you too!

I've had a few crimps let go at inopportune times. I now keep quick a pack of quick splice snap wiring crimps at the mill. They are not a long lasting solution but they can temporarily fix the issue until i have more time to do it properly.

Don P:
An appropriate bolt will replace that solenoid in a pinch as well, you'll backfire on fast throttle downs with it gone.

Patrick NC:
Apparently it doesn't do much to start with.  It backfires every time I throttle down.  Has since new. 


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