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Contest Announcement! We have a winner!

Started by Jeff, March 03, 2008, 10:05:57 AM

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DR Buck

  :) :)

Just finished a nice phone conversation with Melvin from Stump Branch logging.   What a nice guy. After watching the entire season (many times  :D)  I felt like I knew him .  He did a great job of making me feel comfortable during the conversation.  The Melvin on the phone was just like the Melvin on Ax Men.   He's the real deal.

I asked a lot of questions about the filming, his crew, his "2nd hand equipment" and he was patient and very detailed in his answers and explanations.   One of the things I asked about was the History Channel's "creative editing" that provided a lot of extra drama.  He pointed out that it's not as bad as it appears on TV.  And as far as his 2nd hand equipment, the two break-downs on the series have been the only real equipment problems he's had this year.    He does have one of the youngest crews around.   He said the average logger age was 50.   

Another question I asked is what made him agree to do the series.   His response was so that he could show that loggers were not as bad as some make them out to be and that they aren't a bunch of spotted owl killers and they really do care about the environment. Not only was answer sincere, it was also passionate.  It was easy to tell he really loves his job.  He even mentioned on an up coming job, the harvest has to be scheduled around some birds hatching season.

They had the same camera crew the entire season and they "clicked" with his crew.  After the 1st week of filming, they began to know what was going on, and where to be for filming and such.  They had very little impact on the logging production and Melvin was able to meet daily load goals most days.  According to Melvin they are currently in negotiation for season 2 and he wants to have the same filming/camera crew.  Season 2 could possibly be the same 4 crews and possibly a couple more as well. 

Of course I had to ask about "fishing for logs" or jammer logging.   My question was, after warming up and getting into the swing of it, just how accurate was he in placing the chokers to where he wanted them to land.?    The reason I ask was I got thinking that to be efficient and cost effective, he would have to get close most every time or he would never make daily load counts.   Well his answer surprised me.   At distances of 200 - 300 feet he can drop it into a 2 ft target area.   :o :o    And as far as production efficiency, I think I remember him saying that they averaged 8 loads a day and have even pulled as many as 11 in a day.   

It was a pleasure to talk with him.  Both the wife and I can't wait till next season for more Ax Men and Melvin and his great crew.    As I said at the beginning.....   Melvin's the real deal.  :)

Foot note:      I did drop a line about a Pig Roast in Harrison Michigan August 2nd.    ;D                 

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I feel like I won this contest now. After all the Sunday evenings sitting on the couch with pen and paper to create questions for the contest I didnt know that I would get a share of the grand prize. Melvin called me unexpectedly tonight as well and we talked for quite some time. Like Dave says, Melvin is the real deal and one of us. He called to thank us for having the contest and helping where we could.  We talked about some other cool things and some possible projects that will have to be revealed at a later date.  8) 8)
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Dave and Jeff,

Thank you for your kind words about Melvin.  As you both pointed out he is the real deal.  Tonight he is having dinner with me and my family and just hanging out.  Right now he is on the deck with my husband watching the kids ride motorcycles.

He had a nice time talking to you both, and can't believe the support.  We are all looking forward to another season of Ax Men.  We'll be back for season 2 and another contest!

Thanks again,
Mindy 8)


That is awesome. 8) 8)
I'm looking forward to seeing some reruns because I missed the last 2 weeks.

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