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Road laws for visiters in your area !!!

Started by isawlogs, June 25, 2008, 08:36:10 PM

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  Different places different laws. Most are prety well the same , here there are a few that are not posted as you get in , one that comes to mind is the no hand held cell phone for the driver of a vehicul while driving said car not even having it in your hands ( think text messages  >:( ) , the other is the amount for tickets ...  :o early this spring they have decided on cracking down on those street races . If you are double the speed limit , you lose  ;D A: da car for a month B: da license for a year and C: a very big chunk of the bank account . Oh , one more thing , our highway patrol officers have very little sense of humour .  ::)
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Is the 'no cell phone' for all of Quebec ???

They certainly don't tell you these things when crossing a border in Canada as they do when crossing from state to state in the US.  :P
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The latest thing here is a relatively new law that requires a driver to move to the far lane when passing a stopped emergency vehicle.  If you are blocked from the other lane, you must slow to 20mph below the speed limit.  I'm in favor of the law, as several cops have been hit by inconsiderate drivers.  I have always moved over for anything on the roadside, but some people never do.

The City of Tallahassee Police set up a little experimental trap for this last week.  They placed a cop car beside the road with lights flashing, then a team of ticket writers down the road a ways.  They made enough money in about an hour to pay the Mayor's monthly salary. :D :D
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 Yep all of it , I think they have not had time to print the signs yet .. this law is fresh off the press Joan . Unless you have learned to read French , the signs would not be of any help  ;)
Ontario is is studying following Québec on this one .
Too many young ones texting over the steering wheel and getting into fender benders .
Only phone a driver can have is one hooked to his ear .. or a hands free , ya can not even have the phone in your hands while driving .
A man does not always grow wise as he grows old , but he always grows old as he grows wise .


Don P

Don't tailgate a truck with a Red Man sticker.

In certain neighborhoods in DC be prepared to answer questions about your reasons for wishing to enter the neighborhood and be ready when they ask "papers please".

We also ban not the transmitter, but certain radio receivers, radar detectors are illegal in VA

I got behind a guy walking and talking to his phone in the building supply the other day. I was half an inch from yelling at him to shut up and walk. He didn't have a clue where he was or that he was blocking an aisle. I'd hate to see him in a car  ::).


Cell phones in autos are banned in NS as well.
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Isawlogs,  big sign with a cell phone on it with a circle and a slash over it would help me understand French in case I came to visit. ;D
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Cedarman , I know what your saying , you me , and a half dozen others would realise what they are pikchuring , then you would get the innocent that would think it was a blender on the pic and get all messed up  :D
I have no clue what kind of sign they will put up , most of the signs for those types of laws , seat belt , radar detector are in French and English along the international border , along the provincial borders , most often they are only in French .
A man does not always grow wise as he grows old , but he always grows old as he grows wise .



In Ontario 50km over the limit(30mi) and it's racing.  Same punishment as kabec.  Can't afford to drive that fast anyways with current gas prices :(
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