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Sometimes we notice that a member we used to see here often has been missing for sometime, so the first inclination is to simply ask on the forum HEY! Where is so and so?   Folks, this is not a good way to do it. The reason being is, there are sometimes very private reasons to why someone is not on the forum. It could be a member issue, or it could be a forum issue, or it could be no issue at all. But if there is an issue, by posting the question publicly, you put us, the missing member or perhaps even yourself in a position that is much better handled within personal messages.  If you miss someone, and are wondering where they may be, ask another member that you know has had some interaction with the missing person, or better yet, ask an admin via the private messages. 

Today we again had such a topic started that resulted in the topic being deleted, and then a member who likes to stir the pot being "administered".  Please, remember, many times there is a lot more going on with things than you might think. We'll be glad to fill your need for knowledge when we can, but sometimes we are all better off just not knowing.

Well now, I wasn't wondering about where so and so was, but now I sure do wonder who it was.  :D :D

Dave Shepard:
I have wondered about a few that have gone away or stopped participating, but figured if I was supposed to know, I probably would already. :D





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