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This week's Podcast finds Forestry Forum member and general board moderator Roxie and I in the Christmas mood, reminiscing on the Forestry Forum of old. Ho Ho Ho!

Topics include:
Stink bugs, Dog Turds, Harvesting kidneys in Costa Rica, The Amish Mafia, and Giving members away as contest prizes. :D    Enjoy! :D

Thank you for taking the time to visit Roxie, and Merry Christmas to You and Cowboy Bob and Family  :)

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Enjoyed the podcast with Roxie and you!

It is great to hear y'all discuss the folks that passed before I joined.  But it is good to capture those still with us for future forumites!

Thank you Jeff, and it was nice to finally meet you Roxie even it was only your voice.  Your conversation was interesting, entertaining, and informative.  Thanks to both of you for your time well spent.   MM

Great show Roxie and Jeff.  8) 

A little disappointed though, no mention of my wool underwear photos.  ;) :D :D ;D

Have a good one.

Some things, once seen, should never be spoken of again.   :o


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