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Reminiscing with Roxie

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mad murdock:
That thread of your trip to C R was hilarious :D :D  thanks for the link Jeff!

Great listening!  Roxie, you are indeed my Huckleberry!

Merry Christmas to all!

Another great podcast, thanks and good to meet Roxie! 

You were talking about keeping the forestry forum family safe. Let me tell you about how I figured out that this is a safe place for all.  I was replying to a post a while back much as I am now from my iPad.  In that particular reply, I used a word that I personally didn't think of as being in any way inappropriate. But before I hit the post button I hit preview button so I could look over my reply before I posted it and that particular word had been changed.  I just supposed that my auto correct had changed it so I changed it back and saw that auto correct had left it alone so I hit the post button and low and behold, it was changed again. 

I thought about that for a little bit and realized what was happening. I don't know how else to say it, but this kinda gave me the warm fuzzies. I'm glad that the Forestry Forum is protected from folks like me who may unintentionally be offensive.  Thanks Jeff and others for making this the awesome place that it is!

And  :new_year:

First time I had time to listen (usually too busy reading) to an entire pod cast, that was very nice and the reason Jeff, Tammy, Roxie, and countless others have such a nice, informative site here!  Thanks to the administration and all the members for keeping it that way.


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