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Hi all,

I would like to introduce our new little GEM (our hobby mill option). This little mill plugs into your domestic electric socket (10 amp draw for NZ, AUS and EU). Alternatively it can be run via a very small generator. Its still very productive as we've found, just have to feed it a little slower. With this new cantilevered 'pushmill' frame we are now offering - it's one man portable! Its whisper quiet when its not cutting. The 2 tooth blade seems to really work well with the lower hp electric motor.

We will be offering this new Cantilevered frame system on all manual mills moving forward: M6-hobby, M6-13 manual and M8-13 manual. Comes with single end horizontal sizing, double end vertical sizing. The cantilevered light weight alloy beam answers the rigidity requirements in deep vertical cuts.

The automated range will still utilise the heavy duty style beam and new heavy duty frame ends.

Great option for those who want a mill with electric but also have portability.  Do you have information about those on your websites yet?

Yep itís all up to date on the site


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