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Updated Photo Posting Tutorial

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Sometimes I get a little irritated with the picture policy/upload procedure, but it really is a good policy. Just about everywhere else on the web, you find posts missing pics cause the hosting service changed it's policy, had server issues, or simply went out of business. If the pics disappear here, so will everything else, and it won't matter.

Ques: on photo size.  Coming off an i-phone I down load to my p.c.  I then resize either to .25 mp (thumbnail), 2mp (emails & msg.), 4 (best for viewing), and custom ????   What should I resize to?

Thanks and have a great day.


The forum server will do final resize on anything that is under the max upload size which is around 20mb.

I seem to be having an issue trying to upload a photo for my avatar/ icon.  I tried it directly & through my gallery, but it ends up rotated 90 degrees.  I looked around for a solution, but no joy.  What am I doing wrong?

Thanks from an admitted Luddite....

Go to the pic in your gallery and just below the picture is a rotate function.  


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