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Updated Photo Posting Tutorial

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Thanks! Apparently I missed that in my stumbling about.  I'll see if I can make it work...


Hmm, still no luck.  I rotated the photo in my gallery no problem, but can't seem to find a way to use it as my avatar.  I have an option to choose an avatar from gallery, but it's a generic gallery, not mine.
I remember seeing a "use this picture for your icon" button, but haven't been able to find that again....

Sorry for the trouble... I really am smarter than I look...

I suppose you watched the how to video at the start of this thread. I did mine a long time ago. 
Click on to Profile, that's the one that is in the Home, Help, Search line, a drop down will appear, click onto Forum Profile and the place to upload a avatar should be there.

Uploading and avatar has nothing to do with your gallery. It is a function in your profile. Make sure you orient and resize your avatar before uploading. The forum can resize, only if the upload in under the maximim limit. Most times its not.


--- Quote from: Tramp Bushler on June 26, 2019, 12:31:56 AM --- This is stupid. I have to basically agree to give you my pics. I don't remember it being like this years ago on this forum.
 Oh well. Plenty of other forestry , logging and arborist forums on the web .

--- End quote ---
Really? You suffering licensing income loss from sharing your photos here?  
You're given free hosting for your pictures of trees and wood etc., and the links will work on other websites as well. If you're that worried about your IP, then don't post photos. 
All my photography is copyrighted under Creative Commons and registered with the Library of Congress. I'm not posting my art here, just photos of trees and wood i.e. "unpublished media".
And yeah, I'd post a link to my photography website but it's not allowed...


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