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Updated Photo Posting Tutorial

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Don P:
Actually, don't use the gallery here for posting stuff elsewhere. Host/posting, every time we or someone clicks something, all of this costs the forum money.

Anything I post elsewhere is linked to from webspace I rent. The difference is, when the server goes bust, a hacker takes it and demands ransom, (yeah good luck with that friend  :D), or if I don't pay that rent, everything I linked to from there goes to little red X's. I like Jeff's plan and try very hard not to abuse it or cost him unduly.

I believe that is called "hot linking" and it is forbidden to hot link anything from the FF anywhere else, even an emoji. 

Swingoak, the penalty for posting photos here for use on other websites is banishment. Hot linking images is bandwidth theft

Can I upload directly from my phones photo gallery to my forum gallery.

I'm trying but can't quite get there.

What am I missing ?

Thanks, I figured it out.

There is no reason why you should not be able to, but not knowing anything about any phone but mine, and not having any idea what kind of difficulty you are having past you say cant make it work, im afraid I've no idea how to help.


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