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Updated Photo Posting Tutorial

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Cynthia Moore:

--- Quote from: Jeff on February 17, 2018, 11:50:55 AM ---Here is a short video to show how to post photos. Please read rules for sharing photos on The Forestry Forum beneath this video link. It's not as hard as you think. 8)

1. Offsite Photos and links to offsite photos are not allowed on the Forestry Forum.
2. If you want to share your photo, it MUST be placed in the Forestry Forum gallery and then placed in a post.
3. Directing people to your gallery is also not allowed. The gallery's only purpose is to archive photos used in posts.
4. Photos not used in posts are not to be uploaded.

5. Deleting photos used in posts is not allowed and considered destruction of forum property and is grounds for being permanently banned from the Forestry Forum

--- End quote ---
This is a great tutorial, but both of the examples were of posting photos that had just been uploaded to your gallery. How do you do it if you want to post photos that were uploaded to a gallery sometime earlier? I have some photos in a gallery that I would like to post to a forum. But when I select the gallery, the only option I can see is to upload more photos. Can you extend your tutorial to show how to post photos and were previously uploaded to and are already in a gallery?

Cynthia Moore:

--- Quote from: Jeff on June 08, 2019, 09:20:43 PM ---I think some phones render screenshots as png. We dont allow png due to huge file sizes.

--- End quote ---
There is a good, free photo editing program called IrfanView that will easily convert a png to a jpg or pretty much anything else and you can also crop it. Here's the website:
IrfanView home page
They also have a user forum like this one. It is run by a very opinionated and socially unpolished moderator, so if you can tolerate that, the software is pretty good.
I'm pretty sure it's Windows only.

Once you open upload, in that window click on the my gallery ling to go to your existing phots


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