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Started by bakerhardwoods, March 05, 2017, 04:17:43 AM

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I have a Lucas Mill 10-30 that I have been using exclusively with the slabbing attachment.  I have had the second bar tip burn out.  Specifically the tip has burnt out on the second bar.  As I recall it was fairly expensive for a new last year.  I bought a second bar last year to keep running while the first was been dressed and the tip replaced.  Does anyone know of a less expensive bar tip?  Or the part number for the one I need (I can't seem to find it with the search feature on Bailey's website).  Or what I am doing wrong to burn them out?  I go through a lot of oil but do not open the oil valve all the way most of the time because it drips even while I'm cutting.  Should I be running more oil on it?

Thank you for any advice, Tim


Hi Tim,

You can replace just the sprocket by punching out the rivets and using item LS 23 or you can use the replacement nose roller kit LS 24. These long bars like to have a good amount of oil and if they aren't properly lubricated they tend to heat up and lose the hardened edge. Also you should be using 30 weight oil instead of bar oil. Hope this helps!

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We have been happy with the replacement roller kit ! Rob
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I've looked the roller kit picture and the thread by Logboy in the sawmills and milling forum from a couple of years or so ago.  I don't entirely understand how the roller kit works.  Does it bolt to the mill, and then you take the tip off of the bar?  If so, how does the bar attach?

I see that Logboy put the roller kit on in something like 2013 and I bought my mill in 2015, so it would be easy to think I was sold a chainsaw bar attachment with a known defect without that information being told to me. I used the mill a modest/smallish amount in 2015 and quite a bit more last year.  Last year I spent a good deal for a second bar after the first tip went out, plus a new tip for the first bar.  Now this year the tip is out on the second bar already.

I do not use bar oil, just regular light motor oil.  But yes, the bar and chain generate some heat.


Yes the bracket on the LS 24 would support the bar. You simply cut the tip off after the 2 mounting holes, the roller takes up the slack and acts as an idler.