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  • Treat everyone with respect. This includes Moderators, Admins, and your fellow members.
  • Don't advertise
  • Don't swear
  • Don't post off site photos, make sure you use the Forestry Forum Gallery
  • Don't post ebay or craigs list ads
  • Read the rules in thier entirety below.

The Forestry Forum Rules and Disclaimer

Forestry Forum Membership
Forestry Forum memberships are upon admin approval. We reserve the right to deny any registration application for any reason. You are allowed ONE membership account. Members that create multiple accounts risk having all of thier accounts disabled. if you have trouble logging into an established account use the Forestry Forum contact link to ask for assistance. By registering for The Forestry Forum, you agree to indemnify The Forestry Forum, its employees, representatives, and agents, and hold them harmless from any and all claims (including claims for legal fees) which may arise from your participation on the The Forestry Forum. You also agree that the Forestry Forum is not responsible for the materials posted by users of The Forestry Forum. In addition, you grant The Forestry Forum and its affiliates, worldwide, royalty-free perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive right and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, perform and display any message or content posted on The Forestry Forum and/or e-mail sent or initiated by you to The Forestry Forum. (in whole or in part).

Posts and Instant Messages
All communications between users of the The Forestry Forum via message boards or any other means of communication supplied by the Forestry Forum are public and not private communications. The opinions and viewpoints expressed by users of The Forestry Forum are wholly their own and not necessarily those of The Forestry Forum. The Forestry Forum reserves the right to remove any messages or posts without notice. The Forestry Forum also reserves the right to ban users for any reason without notification.


The Forestry Forum is not to be used to "SPAM" others. "SPAM" includes identical and or irrelevant submissions posted repeatedly on the same or multiple message boards, and often includes a misrepresentation of the source of what is posted. The Forestry Forum may ban any user, at any time, without notice, for spamming or otherwise posting unwelcome messages on the message boards.

Posting links or giving directions to other internet forums for the sake of promoting the discussions on the linked site, especially those of similar subject matter by posters is not allowed. Posting a topic for the soul purpose of directing traffic to another topic or to another website is not allowed.  It is considered bad internet forum etiquette to do so with out first gaining permission from the Forestry Forum administration.  Posts made to "troll" the Forestry Forum will be edited or removed and posters will be warned.

Personal Website Promotion
The Forestry Forum encourages members to post their web address within their member profile, but posting links for the sake of promotion within posts is not allowed. No Commercial website promotion will be allowed without a Forestry Forum Sponsorship agreement or prior consent from the Forestry Forum

Personal ads on the Forestry Forum
Ads are not permitted anywhere on the Forestry Forum other than in the commerce area. Ads anywhere else will either be removed or moved to the appropriate area and then will become subject to the terms of posting in the commerce area. If you are very new to the forum, or have registered simply so you can post an ad, it will be deleted. Commerce opportunities are for establish forum members only, simply registering does not make you a member. If you intend to post any ad in the commerce area, you must read, understand, and agree to the conditions that are posted in the sticky topic in the for sale area.

What makes you a member? Wanting to be part of this forum for more then just posting ads. Its pretty easy to tell the difference so we have placed some safe guards to help protect the forum from the elements that want to use us only the purpose of financial gain.

If you are a non member or a very new member and have a listing that you feel is of actual benefit to one or more of our members, contact an administrator and we [u]might[/u] allow it or we may tell you what it will take before you will be allowed to use this section.

The commerce area was created at the request of members. Personal property ads only. Commercial ads are absolutely not allowed. You also should be aware that when one makes a sale through contacts (including behind the scenes using forum resources such as instant messages) on the Forestry Forum are responsible to pay 5% commission of those sales to Forestry Forum support in exchange for use of those resources that made the sale possible.

Ebay and Craigs List
It is against Forestry Forum rules to post links to craig list ads, ebay auctions, or links to any like sites unless the ad or auction is your personal ad, and you are entitled to post an ad in respect to forum rules and stipulations. Such postings will be removed without warning. Repeated actions will be cause for removal from the Forestry Forum. We have had issues with members finding then posting auctions or items that other members have already found interest in, drawing competition to that interest, resulting in upset members. Remember, If you found the item, other members can find it as well. 


The Forestry Forum encourages users not to disclose personal information on The Forestry Forum. The Forestry Forum cannot be held responsible or liable for the use of any information that users provide within this public forum. The Forestry Forum RECOMMENDS THAT USERS DO NOT SHARE PERSONAL INFORMATION SUCH AS POSTAL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS, CREDIT CARD NUMBERS, ETC.

Members may not post any e-mail addresses, or personal information other than their own on any area of this site. Members  will be held responsible and potentially liable for the posting of any other individual's personal information. These type of postings will be deleted and the poster will be warned.

The Forestry Forum makes no claims that information dispersed through message boards or other means is accurate or reliable. Also The Forestry Forum cannot be held liable for any statements made by users of The Forestry Forum. Users are responsible and liable for all activities while participating on Forestry Forum's message boards and instant message systems. Users are responsible for anything they post and for protecting their own computer system.

Once a post has been made, that posted content belongs to the Forestry Forum. We allow edits for the purposes of correcting information or spelling, but edits that change the original context of the post, especially changes that effect subsequent posts of other members are not allowed.

Members and guests are responsible for any actions they may take based on advice or information they receive on line. Members and guests should use their own good judgment in evaluating information received on line.

The Forestry Forum recommends that you install a virus protection program on your computer.
Some content and links on the internet may contain adult content that may not be suitable for children. The Forestry Forum is not responsible for any content or links to adult material that is posted by users on The Forestry Forum. The Forestry Forum will make every effort however to see that such links are removed when found.

Photos used on the Forestry Forum must be uploaded to the Forestry Forum servers. Linking to photos or photo galleries outside of The Forestry Forum servers is prohibited and they will be removed. This policy can be considered written in stone. The reason for our strict policy on photo's is to protect Forestry Forum posted content for perpetuity.

By uploading photos to The Forestry Forum you declare that any photograph submitted by you is your own original creation and work, and does not infringe the rights (including copyright) of any other person.  By uploading photos to the Forestry Forum, you grant to the Forestry Forum a non-exclusive license in all media throughout the world, to use and authorize the use of any photograph or image submitted. The Forestry Forum will not make any commercial use of the photographs outside of the Forestry Forum servers without further negotiation with you. You warrant that there are no restrictions that prevent you from uploading photograph(s) and agreeing to these terms, and that the consent of no other person is required to enable The Forestry Forum to exercise the license above. You release and indemnify The Forestry Forum, its assignees, and licensees from and against any claims arising from any breach of this warranty and the exercise of the rights granted herein.

Commercial use of Forestry Forum photos is strictly PROHIBITED. Any commercial use without written consent of the Forestry Forum found to occur will be met by a use and penalty charge to the parties involved.

Deleting any photo from the Forestry Forum servers without permission of the Forestry Forum will be seen as destruction of Forestry Forum property and assets and will be dealt with as such.

The Forestry Forum may disclose user information to government authorities at their discretion or when required by law. The Forestry Forum may also disclose user information when The Forestry Forum has reason to believe that someone is causing injury to or interference with its rights or property, other Forestry Forum users, or anyone else that could be harmed by such activities.

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