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Guides for resaw

Started by JoshNZ, January 24, 2023, 04:26:00 AM

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I picked up a wadkin bandsaw today and the guides on it leave a lot to be desired. If I were going to build a new assembly for the end of the adjustment shaft I wondered what the best style will be?

Why do we never see sawmill type guides on free standing bandsaws where the band is pulled away slightly and supported one-sided like that?

Right now it is the block style but I have this on my old bandsaw and not a huge fan either. Very sloppy, very easy to chew them out when you start doing tight turns on a piece.


Dont see as why it would not work ,as long as you dont get the blade into the table. I have often thought the same as you, if i was gona build some it would be a small version of the cooks style.



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