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I'm 14 and made a Virginian mill. I made this in 3 hours. Here is a video of it:


How did I do y'all?

Hello all, I have a mill I purchased from a local guy that builds them. It's 30ft long and 5ft wide. I'm running woodmizer blades brand new with a 50/50 mix of RV antifreeze and wd40 or diesel depending on what I have in bulk on hand. The blade tension is built based off of a PSI gauge which i'm running at 3-4k which is how it was made to be run. I'm also sawing pine/white oak that that range from fresh drops to logs that have been down for months. I'm marking out my pith and trying to template my logs to have the grain going in as close to the same direction as possible. I have my mill level, It could be moving since it's on blocks ( I am building a perm frame as I go ). I am placing my dogs down low on the log once I have atleast 3 sides cut. My problem is I seem to be getting an hour glass on my top cut and everything after that. I'm looking for tips to try, I don't feel like it's tension in the wood based on how common it is on every single log across 2 species. Any tips are appreciated and welcome as I am very new to this. Read More

Well, it has been a few months since I started this project, but I wanted to post some details for future builders. I know how much I learned from reading over past builds.

I designed this to be heavy duty and hopefully reliable. It needed to be portable and easy to upgrade in the future (to everyone that suggested hydraulics, I get it now). A big thank you for all the help it took to get here. The mill did very well during its test run and I look forward to putting many more hours on it. This is what I came up with-Read More

Hi all, i'm a new member here, after lurking for months. I'm in N. Cent. Fla., early 50's, retired in '22 due to severe TBI sustained 3 years earlier. I purchased 10 acres, with a 9,000 sq/ft pole barn, from a log home outfit. My intention was to build a "barndominium" in part of it, and use the rest as a shop. I enclosed and insulated 500sq/ft, installed a mini-split, hung a TV, and now call it home. Read More

Finally some truth from the timber industry • Daily Montanan

I think we are going to be seeing this more often where lack of cheap labor is going to close down wood products mills?. I wonder if the lack of labor is tied to the booming vacation home/ski industry in Montana. I know its a big state and...

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