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Or would you just like to pull up a stump and visit with a friend?
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It's been years since I have sawn Cross ties and have been contacted by some one that has Logs and want to have us saw. I am set up with a three man operation and can run and yes I fully understand log sizes making a difference. I am just looking for opinions.
The logger is desperate for help...

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Hi all,

Looking to see if there is a homeowner type setup to turn 4x4 poles into rounded poles. I'm in eastern Canada btw.

I have a lot of cedar that I can mill into 4x4 then turn into 10ft horse jump poles.

Is there a pto version or hydraulic setup for a tractor.

I can only find machine rounded poles online to purchase not a setup that I could make / buy.Read More

Hello all – new to the forum, and new owner of a Bell Super-T. I have purchased the Bell tree cutter recently and now need to get it moved over to my property, which is about one mile of the current vehicle location.
The problem is that the engine (Deutz) does not crank. Previous owner stated it started knocking at the time it was parked 4 years ago, now it won't crank. So, I am now considering several options how to get the Bell moved. And here I need advice what you think could work – and what not. Any other suggestion is highly welcomed. I added numbering so it is easier to refer:Read More

Hi all. I did search the forum, but info was confusing. Please forgive me for asking this even though there are a couple of older topics on this.

My new WoodMizer is supposed to be ready in early September. I have to drive 3 hours one way to get it from the Dealer (Newnan/Atlanta). The dealer mentioned insurance and said "just tell the insurance agent it's a trailer with a motor on it."Read More

I got a call the other day from a guy with 9, white pine logs, all about 30" diameter, 9 ft long.
He wants me to saw them for him. I asked him how long they have been down and he said just a few days. The last time I sawed a white pine that fresh the sap was terrible. Not only as far as keeping the blade clean, but also everything else. The sap was literally still running out of the log. My saw was quite a mess when I was done. Read More

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