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Square cutting chainsaw jig?

Started by Daburner87, July 09, 2024, 10:15:43 PM

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I just recently took a timber framing course and was curious to see if there are any square cutting jigs for chainsaws? I've been looking at the prazi beam cutter but I've seen a lot of bad reviews.   Looking to perfectly square up some timbers and google wasn't getting me any results.
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Alaskan sawmill attachment for chainsaw? Need probably a 90 cc chainsaw for speed.
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Edging mill will do it, but it's gonna be tricky getting pieces perfectly square. 'About square' is easy enough, but true 90° angles will take some trial/error with setup.


I think Daburner87 is talking about cross cut like cutting the ends square or roughing out a tenon.

I had made a attachment for my saw for that, it was a piece of hard plate somewhere around 1/8" or 3/16" thick that had a slot cut out of it to put the saw bar through and a piece of angle iron welded along the side of the slot that was bolted through the bar. I drilled holes in the bar to attach them together.

One has to be very mindful of were the bar end and your legs are because you can't see it when you are cutting. 

I found I used a circular saw and finished with a handsaw for ends and tenons but the chainsaw with plate was handy for roughing out scarf joints. The saw is loud, vibrates, fumes, more dangerous and a bit messy so I preferred not to use it much. Perhaps an electric saw would be better. A guide fence would be handy and pre cutting (scoring) along the line is wise as I found a chainsaw had a lot of tear out.


I am using a Connext rotary chainsaw guide on my build.  It is for cutting square ends and then pitch for rafters and birdsmouths.  I am using a Stihl MSA 300 battery chainsaw.  Been very busy with the build, will give full overview when I get a chance.
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That is pretty slick compared to my home made one.

I took a couple of pictures of it yesterday, I haven't used it in over 20 years so I almost surprised myself when I was at the shop at work where I used it last and put my hand right on it.

 A bit crude but it was effective, it is 8"x12" with a piece of 4" angle welded to it, it has a metal spacer to hold the bar off of the angle iron so the chain don't rub. I used a Dolmar 115  on it (52 cc).  The hardest part was drilling the saw bar.

A safety improvement would be to add a piece of metal behind the bar like the circular saw attachment ones have to reduce the risk of bumping the saw with your leg. I believe I may have put my saw pants on to use this.

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