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Title: Introducing the Georgia table leg
Post by: Tam-i-am on December 09, 2020, 02:49:01 PM
Georgia is our newest leg style. It is designed to be used to create a river table.  Instead of a long top flange, Georgia features two short top flanges.  The short flanges won't interfere with your clear epoxy river.  This leg is not yet available unless you win the Forestry Forum Christmas Contest.

We named the leg for a special female forum member.  You may know her as Kitty.


Like our other dining height table legs, Georgia is 28" high.  The bottom width is 32" and the top width is 26" wide.
The top flanges are 6" x 6".

Sorry we do not work with epoxy so I do not have a picture of the legs with a top.  (We actually have someone else making us a top! :-[)