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Foundation to Frame Connections, A Word of Caution

Started by Jim_Rogers, August 25, 2003, 07:07:07 AM

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Recently here and at the timber framers guild forums there has been a lot of discussion about connections from the frame to the foundation.
I've shown several different types of connections, some of them will not work in all locations of this country, as each location has their own set of rules and or building codes, depending on earthquake zones and high wind/hurricane zones.
Each builder of a timber frame needs to research and find the correct connection to be used for his frame based on his area of the country, and his building codes.
And possibly have his design/drawings checked by an engineer familiar with the codes of his area, to make sure the building complies with the codes of that area.
Good luck with your project. Jim
Whatever you do, have fun doing it!
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