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Or would you just like to pull up a stump and visit with a friend?
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Central Mainer here. I am new to this forum. I have 50 acres I currently use for my firewood. Getting older now and looking for recommendations on a logging winch for my 30hp New Holland tractor. Any recommendations you have and why would be appreciated.


This forum is a wealth if knowledge I have read through all of the threads on the gearmatics. 3 of them were mine from years past hahah.
I have a clark 664 with a gearmatic 19.

Long story short my brake is not holding. 3rd set of bands since Ive owned the machine (around 10 yrs. Now) this thing has always


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I'm looking for a service manual for my Timberjack 330 skidder any information helps thanks!

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I've got a Timberjack 230-GS with a 353 Detroit that needs a new starter. Serial number for the machine is 783203. Any ideas of the part number or where I could find it? Thanks :snowball:


I have an LT 70 Electric Sawmill with a LD 20 Logdeck that feeds it. The Log deck is mostly outside exposed to the weather.
This morning it was froze and wouldn't move... We pried up with pry bar every couple of feet and got it moving..

I think it is mostly moister in the links that froze of course it


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