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Evening All just a question --- I have a Timberjack 208 that worked well thru the winter ( central Canada ) so we have our share of cold days here. Have been running light hydraulic oil in it -- went to use it today and its pull a load in fine but wont hold it up.. Start to drive away and its reels...

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Howdy fellow sawyers,

Does anyone know the rules regarding sales tax and sawmilling in NC? Does the service of milling someone else's logs or resawing boards require sales tax to be collected? And lastly, if I sell boards out of my logs, do I have to charge sales tax (have a feeling that's a yes, but I want to make sure)?Read More


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I was out sawing and started having trouble. the engine would die just like I turned the key off. I thought I will add this to Brads thread on fuel pump issues. I have an electric one that comes on with the key. I could still hear it making its noise, but thought might not be functioning. Impellor or valving... not sure what all is inside. then there is one on the engine. My mill is over 10 years old and is outside not under cover. Timberking 2000. Kohler 38 hp. Read More

Perhaps this will help a beginner with a sawmill. First you need a metal detector unless you saw woods grown timber. Large old logs are trouble for many reasons especially having had things nailed to them. Back before computers when kids played outside they built tree forts. There where cloths lines...

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