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064 oil pump

Started by stan064, June 06, 2020, 04:48:40 PM

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i need to put new oil pump and nylon gear  on my 064,how do you get the oil line off and new 1 on ,super stiff,been pulling on the line with pliers ,dont want to force it,anything else to look out for,thanks


I normally cut it off, buy a new one, which I heat before I put it on. The nipple in the outlet end I heat too, while pressing it into the line. I use a soldering iron for pressing, which I switch on when I start pressing.
They could easily have made it a bit smarter!!


Use a heat gun, but don't get the line to hot as it will collapse.  You can pull it out while limber.  Best to leave in and when you get a oil pump (rare) just reattach. 


jrent, welcome to the forum. Whatcha got for a saw? or saws  ;D
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