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My Master Bedroom Floor Project

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firefighter ontheside:
The wife said she wanted the carpet gone and hardwood put it.  I wasn't about to buy hardwood flooring, so I am making it.  There will be a little of every hardwood I can get my hands on.  So far I have made flooring boards with maple, spalted maple, walnut, quarter sawn white oak, red oak, jatoba(I didn't mill it, but I had it), sassafras, and cherry.  There will be elm in it before I'm done, but its still in the kiln.  I had this idea, but then found that member @tacks Y had done the same thing.  I've been picking his brain for a little bit of insight.  I will have 2", 3" and 4" wide boards.  With doing it that way, the amount of waste has been very minimal so far.  I'm loving turning some of the ugliest lumber I have yet produced into awesome flooring.  It's amazing what the jointer, planer and table saw can do for some warped boards.  I bought a small shaper and some Amana t&g bits to make the flooring, plus a power feeder to help save my hands and shoulders.  I feel like I'm producing the flooring quicker than I expected, so maybe be done making enough in a few weeks.  I have some really nice quarter sawn walnut that is about 7' long and about 7" wide in the kiln.  It is about half heart and half sap.  I'm thinking about using that to make a 6" wide border around the room and then fill in with the t&g.  It looks good in my head.





What did you go with on the power feeder?  I want one but don't want to take out a second mortgage for it.


This is gonna be awesome if its even close to the results @tacks Y got.  Looking forward to progress photos

firefighter ontheside:
 @Wudman I bought the Grizzly baby feeder.  I think it was $400

 @VB-Milling that's exactly what I'm hoping for too.  I have to find a good waterbased finish for the floor.  
Not gonna deal with smelly oil based finish in the house.

I used a 2-part "street shoe" finish when I did my floors.  

Streetshoe NXT

One thing that makes installing and sanding easier is to pay close attention to the thickness and the tongue and groove setup.   If you can the set up very flush, you'll sand a lot less.  


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