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Shop-vac for dust collection.

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  I don't do a lot of wood work but occasionally use a radial arm saw for cross cutting and ripping a few boards. Up until now it was set-up in the barn and I just swept up every now and then, now it will be in my new pole building and I'd like to keep things cleaner. Will a normal shop-vac work very well? 

Shop vac works well for my radial arm saw. Has for 50 years and there are a lot of hours on it. Do have to empty the canister on occasion, and not let it fill up as a member found out awhile back. 
Suspect he just gets a new shop vac and starts over. ;)

Try one of the dust deputys on a 5 gallon  bucket in front of the vacuum.  I used one for years  on my first  cnc router and never  had to clean the vacuum filter. 

Just open all the windows and doors and fire up the leaf blower, and try to go in the same direction as the wind.
Note: Make sure light stuff you desire to keep is anchored or held down.
That is what I use to clean out the garage.

Due to the barn setup I needed all the woodworking on mobile benches so I could just pull the table saw, router, etc out to the middle when I do projects.  I couldn't do a centralized dust collection for that reason, that and I'm not woodworking every day.   I bought the Dewalt Separator DXVCS003 with 10 Gallon Can (cuz it matches all my Milwaukee tools), and a Powertec 70257 Hose Kit.  That allowed me enough hose and attachments to set the shop vac off to the side and still connect to all the tools when needed.

If you get static discharges (my setup did for the first month then went away for some reason) you can just put a dryer vent hose around the shop vac hose and allow it to touch the ground.  That grounded the hose out enough to stop the occasional zap around the table saw.


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