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Title: Mega Slabber Photos from Lucas Mill / Bailey's Boot Camp
Post by: dotcompost on October 07, 2010, 12:57:23 PM
Greetings Forestry Forum members! We've just posted a bunch of Mega Slabber shots on our Facebook page from the Lucas Mill Boot Camp that took place at the Bailey's Woodland, California location back in June. Click on the photos tab, here:

Our thanks to Daniel Ratner of San Francisco, California, for supplying this incredible Bastogne Walnut crotch for our Lucas Mill Boot Camp earlier this year (June 26-27, 2010). The photos speak for themselves. This incredible slabbing machine is manufactured by Lucas Mill in Australia and will cut slabs up to 9 feet wide! I would be remiss not to thank Warren Lucas and his right-hand man, Dudley, for traveling halfway around the world to help us put on the wonderful event that featured this slabber (more to come later on the Lucas Mill Boot Camp on our blog).

Lastly, the whole facebook thing is somewhat new to us, but there's more than a few social media junkies here at Bailey's. Before we jumped into the facebook pool, we wanted to make sure that we did it right - and we think we're off to a great start. You'll find breaking news, videos, blog posts, photo galleries, new product announcements and maybe even a few words from our chainsaw guru, Grande Dog, when you visit the Bailey's facebook page.

And don't forget to click the LIKE button!

John Conroy (aka dotcompost)
Bailey's Director of Marketing