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Title: Lathe-Mizer - Writing article for The Wood-Mizer Way and need input
Post by: bcornelius79 on February 08, 2011, 02:59:24 PM
Hi, Everyone -

I'm writing an article for the Wood-Mizer Way featuring the Lathe-Mizer. My deadline for the draft is Friday, Feb. 11th!!

I am looking for input from anyone who has a Lathe-Mizer, whether you are a hobbyist or professional sawyer. The longer you have had your Lathe-Mizer, the better!

Just tell me a bit about:

What you use your Lathe-Mizer for.

How long you've had it.

What you think about it.

What your initial thoughts were when it was first introduced. How excited were you?

Was there anyone in particular at Wood-Mizer who helped you purchase and learn to use your Lathe-Mizer?

Anything else you think might be relevant.

I already have specs and know what it does.

I appreciate any input and greatly appreciate your time!

If I use your information or quotes, I will need your real name so I can quote you in my article.