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Hi all,

I spotted a pull through de-limber on a YouTube video, does anyone know who manufactures them? Or what this type is called? (Other than a pull through type). Interesting video, looks to be in the Czech Republic. You can see the de-limber in action from the 50 second mark.
(I've tried to put a


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As you guys know my Mill was delivered to Ms.asc and incomplete. The Mill was delivered a couple weeks ago with about 12 hrs. Ran ok by Tech that delivered it. I have not time to run since delivery but have been looking over the mill to see if every thing looks right after the feasico with WM. I was...

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Hello, long-time reader, and first-time poster.
Currently in the build stage of a band mill, (I find the kerf loss and sawdust pile a big turn-off with my 21.5-inch swing mill.)
Different opinions abound on whether a .055-inch, 1.5-inch-width band will survive a 19-inch wheel. I am using the somewhat standard pulley wheel and fan belt setup for the band wheels.Read More

Planning to put in a concrete pad for my mill this summer. Unless you guys talk me out of it. Mill sits under the lean to off my garage right now. Stable ground with 3/4 minus crushed rock. Lean to is 12x36. undecided on whether i need concrete to fill the whole space or just enough to cover the mill. Leaning towards filling most of the space. I guess cost will dictate that. Im in atlantic Canada. Is there options for concrete these days? HAve i heard of concrete with fiberglass in it or something? Does that negate putting rebar or steel mesh in it?Read More

I have seen what looks like a v sorta round rod sticking out off the bottom housing of the debarker but can not find anyone saying what it is for. Anyone know what is it's function?

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