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Title: Trailer for logs with arch
Post by: JMB66 on September 10, 2021, 08:48:14 PM
Can you please point me to information on what trailer I should get to haul and load logs?
Iím thinking about getting norwood sawmill and getting logs from arborists. 
Itíll be a hobby for me, rather than profession, but of course I donít mind making some money. 
I see on YouTube people build custom arches to load logs. 
If you have firsthand experience with building such a trailer please share it. 
What trailer?
How much should it cost? (for used one)
How to build, or maybe buy, an arch to load logs


Title: Re: Trailer for logs with arch
Post by: Downstream on September 11, 2021, 12:27:31 AM
Here is my customized log trailer I developed over time because I was one man show.
1. 14 ft tandem axle trailer.  7000lbs w/electric brakes.
2. HF truck crane mounted on front with HF 2500lb 12v winch to lift chunks up onto deck.
3. I mounted a class IV receiver hitch to front of frame that I can attach a hand crank boat winch or 9000lb super winch in seconds depending on what I need to drag up on the deck.  I then built a simple aframe out of 2 4x6 treated post and attached them to 2 base pivot supports that drop into stake pockets st the rear of the trailer.  The aframe is suspended out over the rest using a length of log chain attached to side rail.  I attach a pull to the upper aframe to run the winch cable through to increase pulling capacity and provide upward lift on the front of the log.
4. Final item is a 32in forged lifting log tong to grab logs and drag them out of pile and up on the trailer.
5.  4 20ft heavy duty watches strap to secure the load of logs.

Estimated I have about $3000 in the entire setup included group 27 deep cycle battery to run winches.  I bought the trailer new at a discount because most want 16ft so it was left over from previous year.  

This setup eliminated about 80% of my wasted time getting logs or chunks from local sources and saved my back.

Title: Re: Trailer for logs with arch
Post by: charles mann on September 12, 2021, 07:34:18 PM
Go to the search engine and type in log arch. It should pull up a good bit of topics. 

For me, i use my 30í with a 5í dove, 24k gvw gn trailer with a HF 12k winch, several cable chokers, 6 3/8Ē chains, a 12tn snatch block and i built my arch and fasten it in the furthest most stake pockets, before the dove begins. 

It works and allows me to carry close to 17,000 lbs of wood. 

A guy on youtube (mat cremona) built his trailer and arch, designed specifically for urban logging and it looks like a shortened car trailer. 

Which, depending your required carrying capacity of wood, a car trailer may be a good fit, and build an arch for it and use some 7k top or side wind leg jacks for rear stability while loading. 
Title: Re: Trailer for logs with arch
Post by: metalspinner on September 15, 2021, 09:46:33 AM
A higher deck that clears the wheels has been very helpful to me. 
Logs can be rolled off either side and loading with a forklift is simple. 
Mine has a steel deck, too. 

Iíve been thinking about building a fladeadheader lift, but parbuckling has been doing me just fine for the little I need to do. 
Title: Re: Trailer for logs with arch
Post by: kantuckid on September 18, 2021, 08:02:34 AM
Even back when steel prices didn't reflect all the scrap going to Asia, it was still often cheaper to by a mfg.'ed trailer than a fabricated one. I worked in tech schools that taught welding for many years and even with free welding labor, and welding materials-everything except the steel itself and axles, wheels etc., it was still less expensive to buy one already built. In todays world thats still true if you really shop around for a trailer-inspite of crazy prices some are asking for junky stuff. 
All to say that I'd buy one suitable for fabricating the arch aspect to haul logs-or just pay someone to do it for you. In my area on really rainy streaks or in between jobs, loggers might tote something for you and a few have loader trucks to do so. That's also how they sell their scrappy logs to the firewood users. Be cheaper than owning a trailer.   
Title: Re: Trailer for logs with arch
Post by: JMB66 on September 19, 2021, 08:58:01 PM
Can you please poimy me to brands, models and prices?
Title: Re: Trailer for logs with arch
Post by: doc henderson on September 19, 2021, 09:26:15 PM
go walk a lot and see new prices.  Craig's list for used may help, but some of those look pretty beat up, homemade, or stolen.  it will give you an idea for price in your area.  a used 7 K tandem car trailer would not be a bad place to start.  the less you pay the more likely it may need tires, lights, wiring fixed, brakes fixed, and poss. wheel bearings.  most log arches are made to fit the trailer, and folks have documented several build on the forum.  I have 2 PJ trailers. but many are following the same basic plan, as long as welds and materials are good.  most big towns will have a trailer lot or two.
Title: Re: Trailer for logs with arch
Post by: charles mann on September 20, 2021, 12:14:42 PM
Can you please poimy me to brands, models and prices?
Do you want a goodeneck, a pintel, a ball type bumper pull? How long, 12í, 16í, 20í, longer? You want a deck over wheels like most goosenecks or something like a bumper pull? What weight capacity, 9k, 12k, 20k, more? 
Prices vary by length, hitch type, capacity. Brands are plentiful and when you decide capacity, hitch type and length, then a google search for that specific style trailer can be done. 
For the cost of my 24k performance brand gn, and american made steel, and a lil machining costs, for a ballpark total of $13,000, $12,000 was trailer, iv got a great log arch trailer, that i can still carry vehicles, farm or construction equip on it up to 17,400 legally. but it is not practical for an urban environment, with it being 35í long. 
I owned a big tex gn, nothing to brag about, just paying more for the name. i currently have a performance brand gn and been very happy with its service over the past 11 yrs since new and i own a tx bragg and havent been satisfied with it since i bought it 10 yrs ago. Things could have changed in the past yrs, but my experience with tx bragg, iíll nvr buy another one. 
Before folks can help you with a selecting something, you have to know what you want first, then recommendation for brand and model and only finally, only you can decide price, since its your money to be spent.